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Sissy School - First Penetration

It was a rite of passage at the end of the first year. The 4th year girls who were leaving to go out into the world would host the "First Penetration".
It was really more of a symbolic bonding exercise for the Sissies as some of them were no longer virgins, in fact the senior girls had heard stories about one of these girls who had made quite the reputation for herself. Sissy Kaaren promised to be a terror for her next couple of years. Some of the departing seniors, in fact, were hoping to meet this young hell-raising Sissy. But that was for after the ceremony,
As the young gurls were brought in and lined up the senior gurls looked them over. My, had they ever been that young and eager they thought.
The senior gurls lined up in front of the young sissies.
"Begin" said the head girl.
The senior girls lifted their skirts and dropped their panties leaving the young sissies facing the older gurls hard clits.
The young gurls recited the time honored pledge.
"We pledge ourselves to Sissy School,
Where satin and lace is always the rule.
Where mouths are made for sucking boys
Where we will learn to be used as toys."
At this point in the pledge the young gurls leaned forward and took the older gurls hard clittys into their warm sucking mouths.
Amid much moaning from those receiving and those giving, a single voice croaked, "Enough, please finish."
Reluctantly the young gurls resumed their crouching position, in one case the gurl almost had to be forced to stop.
They finished the recitation as they lowered them selves onto the dildos.
"We pledge our life, we pledge our pussy's
We'll strive to be the perfect Sissy's."
A cheer went up all around as the senior gurls resumed their positions in the young gurls mouths.
The torch had been passed.

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