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I Know She Told Me To Wait But...

I know she told me to wait outside our bedroom but I kept hearing him moaning "Oh My God" over and over.
I had slipped my hand up my dress to try to relieve the discomfort as my clitty strained to break out of the cage, but there was no relief there.
Finally I had to peek and see what my wife was doing to the stud to make him moan so loudly. I knew my ass would be spanked red if she caught me, but she had left the door open,,,,and she knew I was right outside....so maybe it would be alright this one time.
I may be small and in chastity but I have received this treatment a couple of times over the years and as I watched my beautiful wife sucking on that big delicious cock I thought of what a lucky guy he was.
Me too cause I'm married to her!

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