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I Saw Them Coming But What Could I Do

My wife told me that no one could possibly recognize me. With my long hair hanging loose and the makeup and the waist cincher changing my shape she said no one would know.
I was having a pretty nice time although the dress she gave me to wear felt ridiculously short, but my wife said I had beautiful legs and should be proud of them.
We had been going to a restaurant and we had parked about a block away. Why we didn't use the parking lot only my wife knows. She had gotten a call on her cell phone and told me to go ahead and wait for her at the restaurant door.
I was horribly nervous, the short dress, the heels, the broad daylight....it was all overwhelming and then I saw them.
I had been in school with both of them, they were the jocks who had made my life miserable for years because I was smaller and didn't care for sports like the other boys.
Men now, their boisterous laughter and shouting told me they hadn't changed. As I neared them I heard a few lewd remarks and I gave a quick glance toward them. I couldn't believe how fast the recognition happened. As soon as we looked at each other the first one started laughing.
Nudging his buddy he said, "Holy shit, it's that little fag from high school! Can you believe it?"
"Hot damn you're right, hey fairy boy nice dress you're wearing, got a hot date with a big dick?"
They dissolved into guffaws and high fives.

I wanted to shrink into the cracks in the sidewalk when I heard a female voice say, "Well boys, if you must know this is the best stud I've ever had and he gets this every night." she ran her hand down her body slowly. She was wearing a low cut dress and was showing some serious cleavage.

They were silenced as she slipped her arm around me kissed my cheek and said "Let's go sweetie, I want to eat and get home quick so you can fuck me all night long!"
They stared at us as we walked away. I leaned my head on my wifes shoulder as a tear started down my cheek.
"Thank you so much."
"It was my pleasure my sweet Sissy, now let's go eat in peace."

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