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Friday Is Date Night - Need You Now Kaaren!

I had been just hanging around the house, I could hear them from pretty much anywhere in the house. My goodness my wife was moaning so loud I was wondering if the neighbors could hear!
They went at it for quite some time as I sat with my little clit straining in it's cage.
I heard her cumming, I'm pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard her cum!
Shortly after I heard her voice, a little breathless and shaky, "Kaaren come here right away, I need you right now!?
I rushed as fast as I could to the bedroom.
"Get over here and clean me out Kaaren, he doesn't believe that my sissy husband eats cum from my pussy. And besides I know you like it fresh and warm."

I gave him my sexiest smile and knelt down to do what I do best. He shook his head and laughed but I gave her another orgasm with my tongue. He was dressed by the time I finished but I let him get a good look before I swallowed.

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