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I Love When She Does This

I was getting ready for bed and was looking in the closet for a nightie when my wife slipped her arms around me from behind. She ran her hands from my belly to my nipples as she nuzzled my neck.
My nipples are so sensitive and she knows just what I like, I was practically swooning.
"Sexy Kaaren," she whispered as she kissed my neck, "My sexy sissy sweetheart. Do you like me playing with your cute little nipples? Do you want more?"
I was gasping and my clit was painfully throbbing in the cage.
"Mmmm yes, you know I love it, oh yes please..."
"You've been a naughty Sissy lately do you promise to try harder?" I felt her lips on my ear and soft kisses between her words as her hands kept teasing my rock hard nipples.
"Anything I promise I'll be the best sissy ever I'll do anything oh please don't stop, please, please, please..."

She dangled the key in front of me, spinning me around to face her she deftly unlocked me and set me free. My little clit sprang to it's full erection pointing it's little head at her. She rose a little and took my nipple in her mouth swirling her tongue sending me over the edge into ecstasy.
I shot my cum on her belly, I hadn't even been touched down there....for god's sake she hadn't even had time to take off her panties.
She looked down and giggled. "Maybe you'll last a little longer next time Sissy."
She kissed each of my nipples and gave my clit a lick.
"Alright Sissy, clean up this mess and we'll lock you back up. It's time for bed. Work tomorrow you know."

She kissed me before I knelt down to lick up my cum.

Next time, I thought, next time maybe I'll last long enough to get inside her.

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