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I'd Love To But We'll Be Late....Version 1

This story developed in my mind with two separate endings and I couldn't decide which I liked better, well to be honest I kind of like version 2 a little better but I'll let all you sweet readers decide for yourselves.

The bride was laughing as she slipped her bra back on.
"Yes I know, I'd like to do it again too maybe we can sneak away after the ceremony...oh don't pout. Do you see what time it is! You better get your tux on. The guests will be arriving in a few minutes. We can't keep everybody waiting."

"I'll  tell you what, how about a quick blowjob now but you have to promise not to mess my makeup ok?"
 He nodded eagerly.
As she knelt down  to take him into her mouth she laughed again, "You know they can't start without us. I mean what's a wedding without the bride and the best man?"

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