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Here Comes The...Bride?

It was a few days before the wedding when she told him she had some things to show him.
"I did some shopping today and I got the cutest thing. Let me show you."
She rummaged in her shopping bags and pulled out a pair of panties and held them up for his inspection.
"Aren't these just adorable?" she asked.

""I think you'll look great in them," he replied.
"Oh they're not for me sissy boy, they're for you."
He blushed deep red, he had told her his deepest secret. He had poured his heart out to her and told her about the sissy yearnings he had had all of his life. She had taken it well and seemed understanding but now this....what did this mean.
"I can't wear those, please honey, don't make me wear panties to our wedding."
She took note of the submissive tone and realized that the next couple of steps might be a little easier than she thought.
"Of course you can," she said laughing, "They'll go so beautifully with your gown."
She walked to her closet and pulled a clear garment bag containing a wedding gown out and handed it to him.
He was speechless, although this had been one of his longest held fantasies he was scared about being exposed like this.
"I know we don't have all your other lingerie yet but this will do for now, go try this on. Remember to take your new panties."
Too stunned to argue he slipped into the adjoining room and put on the beautiful feminine garments. She came in and gave him a long look.
"Turn around and let me button you up."
He realized after she had fastened the buttons that there was no way he could remove the dress without her help. She took him by the hand and led him back to her room where he found his best man waiting. Naked and hard.
"Let's see how good a sissy you are. Get over here and suck his cock or the wedding is off!"
His best friend was grinning as he slipped his arm around her waist, his hand creeping up and casually cupping her breast.
They both gasped as he sank to his knees and took his friends cock into his mouth. Unknown to both this wasn't his first and he secretly enjoyed this very much. His hopes for a successful marriage were rising just like the cock in his mouth. He loved her more than ever and hoped this was making her happy, judging by her smile as she watched his prospects were good!

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