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I Don't Really Know What Happened

I was just making my sales pitch when the ladies husband walked in. I mean it took me a minute to realize it was her husband cause believe it or not he looked more like a girl than I do. I mean he was wearing a skirt for heavens sake!
Anyway he walks in and she asks him about his cage? I have no idea what they were talking about, but he said that he cleaned it and left it in the bedroom like she told him to. Maybe they have a dog or something.
Anyway he sat down and it was pretty obvious that he was excited, if you know what I mean. and when I looked at him I could see that he wasn't very ladylike when he sat. Yep I could pretty much see it all although there wasn't much to see if you know what I mean.
I tried to get back to talking cosmetics with his wife when I heard him moan, yes actually moan. Then he said some things but all I could make out was "Redhead" and "Kryptonite", yeah Kryptonite like in Superman, anyway the next thing I know there's cum flying everywhere. He kept spurting and spurting like a volcano!
I just ran out of there and drove straight here. I can't believe it, I mean no one even touched his little thing, not even him!
I think I'll be crossing his wife off my list, although I am a little curious about what goes on there.
Could you get me some more tissues please?

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