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Kaaren, Is That Really What You're Wearing

"Kaaren is that really what you're planning to wear to our picnic?" My wife asked.
"What happened to the nice outfit I left out for you?"
I pouted, "I wanted to wear something prettier than that and it's just going to be the three of us so I figured no one else could see. And besides dresses are so much cooler on a hot day than those jeans you left out."

"Well Missy," said my visibly annoyed wife, "we'll discuss this when we get there, here comes my date now."
Her date for our 4th of July picnic was a guy named Bob. He had dated her before and he knew all about me, He liked the idea that he could do pretty much anything he wanted to me. And he was a stud like all her dates.
It was a quiet ride in the car as I sulked and pouted in the back seat and she was so obviously annoyed. Bob's several attempts at small talk died out and we traveled to our destination in silence.
It was a short hike from the car to our picnic spot. This was property owned by friends that allowed us to use it and it was entirely private.
After I unloaded the car and spread the blanket my wife said she was going for a walk to  blow off some steam as she glared at me. Although Bob offered to accompany her she said she wanted to be alone.
A few minutes after she left Bob looked at me.
"Well Kaaren, I don't know what you did but that is one pissed off lady."
"I know..." I said morosely. I was beginning to really regret my decisions this morning.
"Hey don't look so sad sweetie, I know what'll cheer us up...well cheer me up at least. Why don't you bring your sissy ass over here and suck my cock?"
He ws opening his zipper and soon I was looking at his semi-hard cock. With a glance toward the path my wife had walked off on I went and knelt down and took him in my mouth. He seemed a little eager and was soon fucking my face. I slipped the straps of my dress down and pulled it down so it wouldn't get any of his cum on it. He didn't last long before he shot his yummy cream into my mouth and of course I couldn't take it all and it got all over me.

I cleaned up as Bob relaxed, his cock looking wonderful glistening and wet in the sunlight. I had just finished fixing my dress when my wife returned. She looked at her date smiling contentedly with his cock subsiding and then glared at me. I gave her a weak smile.
"That does it, get over here you disobedient little cocksucking sissy!"
She pulled me over her lap and deftly pulled my dress up and panties down. Bob leaned forward to watch as she began spanking me."
"You will never disobey me again Kaaren," she said as she continued to spank my reddening bottom.
"No Ma'am." I answered
"You will wear what I tell you to wear when I tell you to wear it Kaaren."
"Yes Ma'am" the pain in my ass was becoming intense but she hadn't slowed down.
"You may think that this is your punishment but this is only the beginning I'm very annoyed with you."
"Yes Ma'am I'm sorry Ma'am please forgive me...."I was beginning to cry. My ass felt like it was on fire.

She pushed me onto my back on the blanket.She looked over at Bob, we both could see that watching my ordeal had obviously made him semi-hard again.
"And you," she said to him, "can't I walk away for 10 minutes without you sticking your cock in my sissy's mouth?"
Bob started to reply but she cut him off.
"Don' say anything just get over here and fuck me good. And you sissy, you suck his cock and get him nice and hard then you put him into my pussy."
Bob came over and smiling down at me as I took him into my mouth for the second time that day. When he was hard I pointed his cock at her sweet wet pussy and she sighed as he slid deeper into her than I could possibly ever go.

He fucked her long and hard and I dutifully cleaned her up after.

The rest of the picnic was nice but uneventful, I was gearing up for the fireworks when we got home. And I don't mean the ones in the sky.

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