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My Wifes Friends Give Me The Eye

An Ongoing Fantasy

In the weeks that followed that crazy night my wife exposed me to all of her friends I noticed things in the neighborhood had changed.
“Honey” I said one evening as I was setting the table for dinner, “I’m not sure but I think your friends have told others about my…habits.”
My wife looked me up and down. I was wearing a short maid’s uniform that she had gotten me a few days back.

“Well, I can’t swear them to secrecy you know, women talk and when we encounter someone as special as you word will get around.”
“But you know I get funny looks sometimes from women I don’t even know, it feels like they’re trying to see through my clothes.”
“They’re probably trying to guess if you’re really as sweet and desirable as they’ve heard. I hope you’re not flirting with strangers?”
“No I swear…I would never do that….you know you’re the only woman for me.”
“I guess so but I can’t help but notice that you seem to be walking around with your little clit all hard all the time.”
“But it’s because you have me wearing panties all the time now…you know I get so…”
“And I see you are hard when you are helping my lovers get ready. Your little clit bobbing up and down as you suck their big cocks for me.”
“You know I get hot watching you with another man…I can’t help it…”
“And now you’re flirting with strangers. I’m not sure I like that. Your little peepee isn’t much but it belongs to me and I don’t like to share my toys.”
“I swear I wasn’t flirting I was…”
“But I bet you’re walking around with your tiny hard on poking the front of your pants, making a spectacle of yourself, aren’t you?”
“But I don’t mean to, I can’t help it…”
She slipped her hand up under my dress and cupped my little clit through the ruffled panties.
“This is mine, you understand that right?”
She was pressing my clit into the silk panties causing me to breathe heavier.
“You know I would never cheat on you sweetheart”, I moaned as she rubbed me through the soft fabric.
“I asked you a question,” she squeezed my tiny balls a little, “You understand that this belongs to me right?”
“Yes dear it belongs to you, of course it does.”
“Well as long as we’re clear on that. You know I trust you but if there are strange women flirting with you I have to do something about it. You might find yourself getting weak, giving in to some temptress and I won’t have some bitch driving a wedge between us.”
She reached into a drawer in the dining room sideboard and removed a small box wrapped in pink ribbon.
“I wasn’t going to give you this unless I felt it was necessary but I guess now is the time. Sit down and pull down your panties and let me see your little clit.”
“But what's in the box.” I asked as I followed her instructions.
“Just a little something to keep my little peepee safe and keep those bitches away. Now hush for a minute.”
Without another word she took me in her mouth. I hadn’t been in her in any way for weeks and although I had sucked many cocks for her I hadn’t had mine sucked in ages. It felt wonderful.

“Oh my god,” I gasped after less than a minute, “Oh honey I’m going to cum.”
Instead of finishing me with her hand as she had done on those rare occasions where she had sucked me off, she clamped her lips tightly around me and swirled her tongue over the head of my clit. Gasping I shot several spurts of cum into her mouth and she took it all. Reaching up she pulled my head down and kissed me and as I opened my lips I felt her pushing my own cum into my mouth. I dutifully took it in and swallowed it all. I was used to the taste and actually kind of liked it.
Breaking the kiss and smiling widely at me she reached for the box and gave it to me. I pulled the ribbon off and opened the box and found some type of plastic device inside.
“What is it sweetheart?” I asked as she took it from the box.
“It’s just something to keep you safe and to keep those bitches away from you. It’s called a chastity cage but you can think of it as a suit of armor protecting our little friend from the mean old world.”
As she spoke she fit the device onto me and I could see that, even as small as I was, there would be no room for me to get hard in it. With a final click she snapped shut a small padlock that would prevent the device from being removed.

“But how can I wear this, I won’t be able to get hard with this on?”
“You mean you won’t be strutting around with a little hard peepee for all to see, of course not. Maybe the women you’ve been flirting with will get the message that your little clit belongs to me.”
“Honey I wasn’t flirting…”
“Well now even if one of those bitches could have convinced you to fool around they can’t get at you through your protection. That’s all it is sweetie, not punishment, it’s protection for you and me.”
“But,” I sniffled “I won’t be able to get hard, I can’t have sex at all…”
“Well, you won’t be putting your tiny clitty into anything, but to be honest there wasn’t much there to enjoy anyway and I will have the key with me at all times my sweet little husband,” she said slipping a gold chain with a key around her neck. The golden key nestled between her beautiful breasts. 

“There are other ways I can make you cum that don’t involve touching that little thing, I’ll show you how starting tonight. For now pull up your panties and let’s eat, I’m starving and I’ve already had my little appetizer.”
As I cleared the dishes after dinner I was still getting used to the odd feeling of the cage in my panties.
When I finished cleaning up I joined her in the living room, she was just hanging up the phone.
“That was Donna from across the street; she’ll be coming over in a few minutes to have some wine on the patio.”
 I retreated to the kitchen and stayed there as I heard my wife open the door for her friend. She showed her to the patio then came back to the kitchen.
“Please open a bottle of wine, pour a couple of glasses and bring them out to us on the patio.” she said.
“Let her see me like this!” I gestured to my maids dress, “I can’t do that please honey.”
“She’s already seen you in lingerie silly, hell she’s seen you on your knees sucking a big cock. What’s the difference if she sees you in a dress anyway? It’s more than you were wearing last time.”
“It’s just that…I feel so humiliated sometimes and now this cage thing is starting to hurt a little too.”
“Hmmm I guess our little clitty is trying to show off again. See this is exactly why I gave it to you, I don’t want you showing off to my friends when you’re all hard. Besides I think Donna should see your present, she’s probably the one who’s been telling everyone about you. Take off your panties and give them to me.”
“Please…don’t make me take off my panties in front of her.”
“You want to let her see you in panties; you don’t want her to see you. I don’t think you know what you want. Well I have decided that I want to show her you’re protected from sex crazy women like her and if she sees it and tells her friends maybe those women will leave you alone when you see them.”
She held out her hand and I slipped my panties down and off and gave them to her.
“Two glasses of wine, on the patio, now sweetie!”
She left to sit on the patio, I thought it over and what she said made sense somehow.
Donnas’ gasp as she saw me step out in my maids dress was nothing compared to her surprise when I raised my skirt to let her see me in my “suit of armor.”

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