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It Should Have Been Obvious

It should have been obvious, We were on our first date and I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to be out with a woman this beautiful.
We had dinner at the restaurant she picked out, a little bit more expensive than I could really afford but she was worth it. We went to the movie she wanted to see, a chick flick I didn't really want to see but became engrossed in anyway, actually moved me to tears at one point but I didn't think she noticed. We went out for drinks afterward at a club that I normally wouldn't have gone to, a place called "Whipping Post", where she seemed to know quite a few people.
I had a lovely chat with a very pretty girl at the bar while my date was talking to some of her friends, that girl had the deepest voice...almost sounded like a man.
When we were heading to the car she grabbed me and kissed me....hard...and I felt her hand touch my cock, I was fully hard but I have to admit I'm not very much in that department.
When we got to her car she wasted no time in telling me she wanted me to use my tongue on her. Anticipating further delights I readily agreed.To my surprise she turned on the interior light, she said it turned her on to watch. I slipped to my knees, thank goodness I owned a big SUV, and she pulled her skirt up to her waist.
As I said before...it should have been obvious....

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