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All Your Uniforms Are At The Cleaners

Sissy, all of your lovely maids uniforms are still at the dry cleaners. You seem to be very messy, he said he'd never seen so many stains on dresses in his life.When I told him I'd ask my husband to be more careful. He laughed at first but then he glanced at the size tag and then at me, he smiled, shrugged and said that they'd be ready on Tuesday.
I know you do your chores on Monday so I got you something to wear till you can pick up your frills tomorrow. And it's perfect too, I know you begged me not to send you out on errands in your sissy dresses....well this isn't a dress so you don't have to change to go out. Think of all the time you'll save.
You see sweet Sissy, I'm always trying to make your life easier!!!

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