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I Was Tired When I Got Home From Work

I was tired when I got home from work and my sweet wife met me at the door with a cocktail and a kiss.
She was wearing a lovely tight dres that hugged her curves.
"Did my sweetie have a hard day?" she asked in a sexy voice..
""Yeah, it was brutal, I didn't think it would ever end."
"Oh poor baby"she said rubbing the front of my pants causing me to swell in the chastity cage she required me to wear.
""Why don't you go take a nice long shower and then you can slip on the pretty lingerie I've laid out for you . I have missed ny Sissy hubby so much today."
With a sigh I headed for the stairs, maybe tonight she would release me from the cage....maybe tonight I'd be allowed to cum it had been over a month.
I turned back to ask her and she had stepped in front of the patio doors. The light shining through told me what to expect tonight. She called this strap-on Big Jim and one of us was going to get fucked tonight and now we both knew who that would be.

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