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I Had Tried To Wait

I had been listening to them fuck for almost an hour. Her lover seemed like he could last forever, her words of encouragement had become deep groans as he gave her orgasm after orgasm.
I tried to wait because I knew when he finally came in her beautiful pussy that I'd be called in to lick her clean and soothe her ravaged flesh.
I tried to wait but god how I had to pee. the urge started as soon as she closed the door leaving me kneeling in the hallway outside of our bedroom but I figured I could hold out and I didn't want to disturb her with her new lover by knocking and asking permission.
But he lasted forever and I had to go so bad I finally decided to take the chance and go to the bathroom.
Of course you know that as soon as I sat and began to pee that I heard her call my name. I tried to stop the flow but it was impossible.
She called my name in increasingly angry tones 4 more times until I was able to enter the room.
"You little Sissy bitch!" she shouted at me,  "You are in so much trouble, Get busy licking up all this cum while I think of how many times I'm going to paddle your little ass later."
Her lover chuckled as I licked her clean and then laughed out loud as she directed me to lick the cum from the sheet too!

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