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I Said This Is What You'll Be Wearing Today

"I said this is what you'll be wearing to work today and I meant it Sissy."
"But Honey..."
"Don't you "But Honey" me. This is what I picked out and that's that."
But someone will see..."
"Like who? Your secretary? Do you really think she doesn't already know? Women are very observant you know, I'm sure she's seen a garter tab or a panty line by now. Anyway if you keep complaining I'll have you wear a dress, Is that what you want?"
"No dear, I'm sorry dear."
"That's better Sissy, Now let me pick out a nice top for you to wear. Perhaps something sheer would be best."
She laughed at the look on my face.
"Relax Sissy," she laughed, "I don't think you're ready for that just yet."

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