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A Beautiful Morning

I awoke early as I always do on Saturdays.
My wife's lover of the night before had left late last night after they had exhausted themselves. I had cleaned them both up and by the time I had seen him out and returned to my wife's bed she was sound asleep. I slipped away to the spare bedroom and fell into a contented sleep myself.
Slipping on a soft silk robe and my maribou slippers I went down and started the coffee.
It was always a little nerve wracking retrieving the newspaper from the front step in my girly robe and slippers but so far I don't think anyone has ever seen me.
Putting her coffee and a couple of croissants with a selection of cream cheese and preserves on a tray I went back to her room.
She must have been dreaming as her eyes were closed and her breathing was still regular but her body was moving rhythmically and her hand had found it's way to her sweet spot.
I was entranced and stood silently by watching this beautiful woman giving herself pleasure as she lay in the bed that still smelled of her lover. I looked at her and it was like I fell in love with her all over again.
My clit started to swell in it's little cage as she softly began to murmur in her sleep. I stepped a bit closer to hear what she was saying to her dream lover. I was sure she was dreaming of an Adonis with a huge cock but to my surprise as I drew closer what I heard her saying was, "Oh yes my Kaaren, just like that, mmmm yes Kaaren I love you so much."
I was so moved I almost began to cry as I slowly backed out of the room to give her a little more time to dream. I went back to the kitchen and made her a fresh coffee and  I realized I was happily living a perfect little dream myself.

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