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My Wife Had Just Left For Work

About a half hour after my wife had left for work the doorbell rang, I hadn't gotten dressed yet for the day so I threw on a robe and answered the door.
A very pretty black woman was waiting there.
"Can I help you?" I asked.
"Well I don't know," she answered in a tense voice, "can you make your wife stop fucking my boyfriend?"
I was so surprised I just stared stupidly at her. She pushed by me roughly and stepped into the house.
"So this is where the man-stealing white bitch lives, very nice."
"Look," I stammered, "you're obviously upset but my wife isn't looking yo steal your boyfriend. It's just a sex thing between them. I'm sure he still loves you like my wife still loves me."
"Holy shit," she exclaimed, "You knew about this already! This was OK with you?"
"I...uhhh...well....my wife has ....ummm...needs and I  want her to ...you know...be happy."
"Needs, your wife has needs! Why isn't she riding your cock instead of my mans'?"
"I...don't...um ....measure up in that area...."
"Don't measure up, you must be some kind of bitch to let your wife fuck another man like that, is that what you are? Some kind of little sissy bitch? Get that fucking robe off and let me see what you got that makes your wife go out looking for cock elsewhere."
She was so angry and forceful that refusing never entered my mind as I slipped my robe off.
"What the hell is that thing?" she said pointing at my little caged clit.

"Its called a chastity cage, my wife has the key. She doesn't want me wasting my day playing with my clit."
She laughed, "Your clit!!!! I guess that's right No way that little thing could be called a cock."
"You know I came here planning to fuck you to get even with your bitch wife." she said pulling off her coat revealing that she was naked beneath it. "But I guess that idea just went out the window."

I stared hungrily at this beautiful woman completely exposed yo me and my clity swelled painfully in it's tight cage.
"I know what we'll do," she said, You are gonna kiss my ass till I cum and then you are not going to brush your teeth or use mouthwash or even rinse your lips till your wife gets home. I want her to taste my ass on your mouth. Or I guess I could just call my big brother to come over and kick your sissy ass."
Nodding I dropped to my knees.
Later she was so satisfied she even thanked me.
"That's a fine tongue you have sissy. If your wife keeps using my mans' cock I guess I'll be back for more of that tongue."

Later when my wife got home, she kissed me and gave me a strange look, "You know my assistant from work came by here this morning to pick up some papers and she tells me there was no one home. you didn't see her did you? Pretty black girl?"
Knowing better than to lie to my wife I told her the whole story.
"Wait'll I get that little bitch in my office tomorrow, I'm going to give her a spanking that will turn that black ass red!!!!"


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