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After the Dance - Kerri's House - Lots of Firsts

In the weeks that went by after the dance I found that I was spending more time wearing panties. The soft fabric just felt so nice and sexy that I was almost constantly in a state of at least semi-arousal. I re-lived that exquisite few minutes with Kerri over and over during my stroking sessions, locked in the bathroom.
I remembered how her lips and tongue had felt on my little dick as I tugged frantically till I would shoot my cum, sometimes hitting the opposite wall. I had decided to taste my own cum like I had from her lips after she had given me my one and only blow job but it seems the idea would lose it's appeal immediately after my release. Cleaning up after myself with tissues I flushed away all traces of cum and flush it away.

This would go on several times a day, I'm sure my older brother knew what I was up to but, as I have noted in prior posts, he wanted very little to do with me. My mother worried that I had a "weak stomach" and my father only worried about it when he needed to use our one bathroom and would bang on the door demanding that I "finish up in there". That actually brought a smile sometimes as I thought about if he only knew what he was really telling me to do!
It was a Thursday, several weeks after the school dance and  when I came home from school, my mother  called me into the kitchen. She handed me a piece of paper and said, "A young lady named Kerri called asking for you. She left her number and asked for you to call her back. She sounded very pretty. Have I met her?
Blushing I said, "No you don't know her. I uh..met her at the dance a few weeks ago"
"The dance you went to with Gail? I'm not sure I like that. Going with one girl and giving your number to another. You wouldn't want to hurt poor Gail's feelings...she's such a sweet girl."
If Mom only knew!
"It's OK Mom she's one of Gail's friends I offered to help her with math."
"Oh that's so nice. You can be so thoughtful sometimes."
Thanking god that I had an extension phone in my room I snatched up the number and called her.
She picked up after 2 rings.
I stammered nervously, "H..Hi K..Kerri".
"Oh I'm so glad you called me back I wasn't sure you would. I've been thinking about you a lot since the dance and I was wondering if you'd like to get together and get to know each other a little better?"
I was instantly hard, "S...sure I..I'd love to...yeah I'd love to.I've been thinking about you too"
"I'll bet you have," she laughed, "how about you come over here on Saturday. My folks will be out and we could have lunch and talk."
"Th...that would be really g...great"
She gave me her address which I wrote down with my hand shaking.
Okay she said I'll see you Saturday and stop sounding so nervous....I don't bite as you already know! Bye".
I heard her giggling as she hung up.
Saturday came and after breakfast my parents were preparing to leave for the day to take care of various errands and my brother was going to his part time job. My mother left me 5  dollars to get something to eat and said she wasn't sure what time they'd be home. I said thanks and said I was going to ride my bike with my friends.
I took my bike and pedaled like a madman to Kerri's house. It was around noon when I got there.
She took my breath away as she opened the door, i had almost forgotten how pretty she was!

She was wearing a nice red skirt and a white tank top, all I could do was stare.
She laughed, "Well are you coming in or are you just going to stand there?"
"Oh yeah OK thanks." I was mentally kicking myself for sounding like a total idiot.
She took my hand and showed me around the house and when we got to the kitchen she pulled some sandwiches from the refrigerator and put out a bottle of fruit punch.
"I have ham and turkey, I hope that's OK?"
"Sure that will be fine, thanks"
We picked up a sandwich each and took a bite. She swallowed hers and took a sip of her punch while I took another hearty bite of mine.
"So" she said looking into my eyes, "are you wearing girls undies today?"
I nearly choked and she slapped my back as I forced down a swallow of fruit punch.
"Sorry," she said, "I didn't mean to shock you but you're the only boy I've ever heard of who did that so I was wondering if you did it all the time or just sometimes."
I sat silently, staring at my plate, blushing crimson red.
She slid her chair closer to me. "You know I already think it's sexy right? And I've already seen you wearing them so why can't you talk to me about it?"
"It's embarrassing" I managed to get out. "I'm a man and I shouldn't be doing that."
"Well I think there's a few years to go till we start calling our self a man, don't you?
"OK, " I sputtered " then a boy shouldn't be doing that."
OK let me ask you something else, at the dance you practically had a nervous breakdown when you found out about Gail telling the girls about you being a sissy boy. If she's so mean to you why do you hang out with her?"
"We grew up together and I always used to think I was in love with her."
"But not any more?"
"No not since the dance."
"So you want to hang out with me then?"
"Gail has a picture of me." I said in a whisper, "You know....wearing her stuff. If I piss her off she'll show it to my parents. My father might actually kill me I think."
"Oh my god" she gasped, "that bitch is actually blackmailing you! Holy shit, what were you wearing in  the picture?"
"A b...b...bra" I couldn't blush any more or surely my head would pop.
"And what else?"
"N...n....nothing else." I felt a tear making it's way down my cheek.
"Oh no you don't," she said grabbing my chin and looking into my eyes, "no more crying. I invited you here to have fun. Don't think anymore about that bitch, I'll take care of her."
Pulling me up from the table she led me to the stairs. "C'mon she said I haven't showed you my room yet."
Her room was a pink disaster with clothes and things strewn about everywhere. I had always imagined that girls were so much neater than boys but I guess I was wrong.

She told me to sit on the bed and smiled at me and said "Let's have some fun."
She turned to her dresser and pulled out something shiny and blue and covered in ribbons and bows, Swinging it in front of me she said, "This is called a chemise, it's really soft and sexy." SHe rubbed it against my cheek and I gasped.
"I guess that means you like it, take off your shirt and we'll see if it fits you."
As if in a dream I slipped my shirt off over my head. She motioned for me to hold my arms up and slid the silky garment over my head, making sure my arms went through the tiny straps and settling it against me. 
She ran her hands down over my chest causing me to shudder.
"It's a little tight but that's OK, it looks really pretty on you. I love wearing this without a bra because it makes my nipples hard just like yours are now." she reached out and stroked them causing me to actually jump like I had gotten an electric shock.
"Like that too I see, we have so much in common. Now stand up and get rid of those pants while I see if I have something else for you to try. She turned back to her dresser as I pulled down my pants leaving me in my briefs with my hard little dick pointing straight out.
Turning to me with a small pair of panties in her hand she smiled and said, "I don't think these will fit over your underwear, it'll be hard enough to hide this." she tapped her finger on my little hard-on, "take them off please I want to see what you look like in these panties."
When I hesitated she laughed and reached for the waistband of my briefs and tugged them down.
Kneeling in front of me she held the panties open and I stepped into them and she pulled them slowly up my thighs. She stuck her tongue out and gave my little dick a lick before she pulled the panties all the way up.

"Oh you are so adorable in that," She stood and kissed me.
She ran her hands from the panties to my nipples and I told her I would cum in a minute unless she stopped.
"Let's try something else, Take those off", she said as she went to her closet and began looking through all the things hanging there. Pulling out a lacy blue top she showed it to me.
"You'll need a bra with this." she said pulling a black bra from her drawer.
Slipping the bra onto me her skirt brushed against my little stiff dick causing me to moan, she looked down and smiled,  "This bra is padded a little so it looks like you have small boobs."
Puling the lacy top over my head she told me to sit and wait while she picked out some panties for me.
Looking at her ass as she bent over the dresser, the tightness of the bra and the illusion of breasts it created, the lacy material against my skin...it was all too much and, with a moan, I came without even touching myself .

Turning to look at me she dropped the panties she was holding and gasped, "Oh wow! You came just from the clothes! Wow!"
She rubbed herself through the skirt as her eyes lost focus for a moment and I realized she had been just as close as I was, She moaned and slumped back against her dresser with her eyes focused on me and her breath coming in short gasps. It was enough to cause my little dick to begin getting stiff again. I was just under 15, I could do that then.
As she calmed and caught her breath she smiled and actually blushed a little.
"Oh wow'" she said "I knew dressing you up was sexy but...wow that was good!"
Eying my stiffening little dick she asked "Want to play some more?"
"Yes please..." I stammered.
"Okay then I think we'd better clean up, I don't want my clothes all stained up, strip off and get in the shower." she said with a grin. "There's something else I'd like to try."
My natural inclination to submissiveness had me pulling off the top before even thinking about it. She watched me as I reached behind me and unhooked the bra and slid it off."
"I see you've had some practice at that you did it very naturally, just like a girl." smacking my butt lightly she continued, "go ahead and get your cute little bottom in the shower."
Feeling very exposed I moved across the hall to the bathroom and as I turned to shut the door found her entering the room behind me. My jaw dropped as she started undressing pulling off her top and skirt. Smiling a mischievous smile at me she unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. For the first time in my life a girl was completely naked in front of me, I didn't know where to look first and for the second time in less than an hour I came without touching myself, some of my cum spattered onto her belly and legs.

She laughed again, "I guess I need a shower too now."
Turning the water on she stepped into the shower pulling me in with her. She playfully soaped me up and then slid the soap over herself before sliding it between her legs, soaping up her pussy causing us both to moan at the same time provoking a giggling fit for both of us.
She rinsed and got out first drying herself while i finished up she sat on the toilet waiting.
As I got out she helped dry me off then sat back down on the toilet. I felt very self conscious as she looked my naked body over, the cool air had caused my little dick to soften up.
Staring at my dick she reached over cupping my balls in her hand, "These are sooo cute, the other boys I've seen were big and dangling and hairy but yours are so soft and small." She leaned forward and gave my balls a lick sending my heart racing and my dick stiffened to it's full length.
"Y'know, Gail told the girls about getting off by putting herself on your face and..."
"Oh my god," I practically shrieked, ""she told people about that!"
"Relax, we all kind of enjoyed that part of the story." she smiled " And I was kind of wondering, seeing as how we're all so squeaky clean and all, if you would, um..., lick me, you know, down there...?"
A million thoughts ran through my mind, I remembered how Gail tasted through her panties and how I had licked her fingers clean. I thought about how this beautiful girl had given me so much pleasure and there was still the promise of more to come. I thought how much I wanted to do this for her as I sank to my knees in front of her
"I would love to do that for you."
She let out a breath and spread her legs exposing herself to me. I didn't know anything about pussy eating. I had read some letters in Penthouse that mentioned it and there were a lot of jokes among the boys about it tasting or smelling like fish.
She seemed nervous too as I slowly leaned in and softly kissed her pussy. She sucked in her breath as I stuck out my tongue and began exploring.

Finding her wet slit I slid my tongue in and licked back and forth causing her to moan non stop. Occasionally as I neared the top of her slit she would gasp and shudder so I concentrated there. I knew there was such a thing as a clitoris, again thank you Penthouse, and I knew in general where it might be.
She started guiding my head with her hands and finally she gasped, "Right there, oh yeah god right there, not too hard, soft, lick me right there, mmmmmm, yeah like that."

She flooded my face with her juices as she came on my tongue. She moaned and ground herself against me as I continued to lick tasting her delicious juices and knowing that this was the most wonderful thing in the world and that I wanted to keep going all day.
Finally pushing my head away she gasped "Enough, oh god, I can't take anymore right now. Oh thank you thank you that was really fantastic, none of the boys would ever do that for me you're the sweetest..."
She pulled me to her and kissed me although my lips and tongue were covered in her own cum.
"Let's go back to my room," she said pulling me behind her.
I watched her beautiful ass in front of me and I thought of running my tongue between those cheeks, then mentally chided myself because that was too perverted to even think about.
She had me sit while she rummaged around in her closet and various drawers before throwing various items on the bed. There was a bra and panties and a white blouse and skirt.
"Let's go all the way and dress you up completely OK, please it'll be such fun and maybe there'll be something special in it for you."
She didn't realize I guess that by this point I would have done anything for her.
"Okay" I agreed, "if you'll help me into these things."
Yayy" she clapped like a little girl.
In no time at all I was wearing the entire outfit and she pulled me close and began kissing and fondling me.
"Oh you are my girl, my special girlfriend."
Suddenly she stopped and  looking at me she said "You need a girls name, I can't be calling you by a boys name while you look like this can I?"
"I guess..."
"How about I call you Karen, it's close to your real name and I think it suits you?"
"Okay I guess...if it's just between us."
"Oh yeah, that's cool, I'll call you Karen but we'll spell it different so we know it's you and not some real girl. We can spell it different maybe Karenn, no or Kareen, no that's no good. OK we'll call you Karen and we'll spell it Kaaren, the extra "a" is for um...."
She bit her lip as she thought, while she idly played with me under my skirt.
"I know," she said, :"the extra "A" stands for "A" little something extra".
She gave my little hard dick a squeeze as she said this.
She began kissing me again as she murmured my new name to me.
"Oh Kaaren, you're my special hot girl I love how your cute little dick get's so nice and hard for me...."

She played with me for a long time, not letting me cum. She'd get me close but then stop. Finally she looked into my eyes and asked if I was ready again.
I just moaned in response, she slipped down to her knees in front of me.
"My folks will be home soon Kaaren,"
She took my little dick into her warm inviting mouth and her tongue got busy swirling about the head.

She had my entire length in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down a few times before I came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and then reached up and pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me. My cum on her tongue tasted just fine to me.

She helped me out of her clothes amid much giggling and kissing and as I dressed she told me how much fun this had been.
"We can definitely do this again if you want Kaaren." she said.
"Thank you so much Kerri I don't know what to say....I will do anything for you just tell me what you want."
"Wow Kaaren," she said, " Anything I want....I'll have to think about that."
She kissed me at the door and I slowly pedaled home. Kaaren was a nice name I guess, I liked it.
By the time I got home I was hard again and it was off to the bathroom for another session to see if this time I could hit the ceiling.

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