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Friday Night is Date Night

My wife brought home someone new tonight. He had never been in a cuckold situation like this. He certainly seemed excited about having a hot woman and her sissy husband at the same time.
I had made up and dressed very convincingly after getting my wife's call that she was on her way home from the club.
I met them at the door in my finest maids uniform and almost before I could say hello he had his pants down and his hot cock was sliding between my sissy lips.
"He's very excited to meet you Kaaren," my wife smiled at me, "I've been telling him all about you all night. You get him nice and hard for me but don't you dare make him cum."
After a minute or two she pushed my head away from his delicious, dripping cock.
"Go turn down the bed Kaaren, and stay there he wants you very close to the action."
He chuckled as I bustled away to prepare the bedroom.
I had just turned down the bed and taken off my dress when I heard them coming up the stairs. We had done this before so I had a good idea what my wife wanted me to do.
As they entered the room they were groping each other and kissing. I assisted them in undressing and at a gesture from my wife I lay on the bed.
She crawled onto the bed over me until her sweet pussy was directly above my face. She turned to her lover and growled "Fuck me baby!"
I licked her pussy and I licked his cock as he fucked her. My wife toyed with my little clit as it strained in it's cage.
When he came and pulled out of her I took him into my mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum from him as he groaned, then as he watched I got busy eating all that sweet cream from my wife giving her orgasm after orgasm.

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