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Yes Mistress Pt 16

It felt like it took forever to get out of the store.  Poor Brandi was so ashamed carrying her dildo around for everyone to see.  When they finally made it home s/he was exhausted.  S/he made Veronica a bath and undressed her.  She washed Veronica's beautiful body down gently with a soft wash cloth.

Mmm, that feels so nice dear.  You've turned out to be such a good little effeminate sissy; so obedient.  I don't think a real man would ever do this for me, not that I'd want one to.  No, it's just us girls relaxing.

Veronica sipped her wine and relaxed, feeling Brandi's hands cleaning and caressing her body.

I know it was a long day for you dear, but you just need to learn that I have complete control over you.  As you learn to accept it more and more, you may become more relaxed.  Tonight after dinner, why don't we watch some TV and relax here at home?

"Yes Mistress, that sounds wonderful."  Brandi said from hur knees as s/he leaned over the tub gently washing Veronica.  Hur poor hard clitty was pressed between the cold tub and hur belly.  S/he wanted to cum so badly, but s/he was powerless to do anything about it.

Veronica pretended not to notice Brandi's hard clit when s/he stood up and held the warm towel out and wrapped her in it.  It felt so good knowing she had complete control over her little sissy.  She lay on the bed and had Brandi perform oral sex on her, giving her three orgasms then taking a brief nap before dinner.

Later after they'd eaten and Brandi had finished washing the dishes, Veronica had hur do a little fashion show with hur new lingerie.

Oh, that certainly looks nice.  I like the way it accentuates your little butt and your new bra is so pretty and lacy.  Don't you feel so feminine and pretty in your new things?

The truth was that they did make Brandi feel feminine and pretty, but it was a conflicting feeling, one of joy and sexual freedom and one of shame and fear.  S/he blushed at Veronica's comments.

After s/he'd shown off all her new lingerie, Veronica had hur put on hur see through nightie over hur bra and panties.  She tapped the couch beside her, "Come sit down with Mommy now".

Brandi sat down and Veroncia put her arm around her and put her warm hand on Brandi's head, stroking hur hair.  "There, there, I know you had a long day, didn't you kitten?  Why don't we watch something on TV?"

She held the remote in her hand, aiming at the TV.  A grainy picture popped on.  The picture was soft, slightly blurry.  It was a darkened room, with no one in it, there was a bed and two small nightstands next to it.  It looked generic, but vaguely familiar, Brandi couldn't think of where s/he'd seen it.  A female walked into the shot, but the camera was aimed too low to see her face.  She was only wearing a white bra and panties.  Soon after a man walked in and the two embraced, they were probably kissing but the camera angle was too low to see.  Their bodies were pressed against each other and their hands began to wander over each other.

Brandi was getting turned on watching the action on screen.

The man sat on the edge of the bed and the girl with her back to the camera went down on her knees and began sucking his cock.  Her head was bobbing up and down.  The sound wasn't very good, but there was a knocking noise and suddenly the girl got up exposing the man's hard cock.  She came back a few seconds later and continued sucking the man's cock, but she was followed by several other men all wearing black pants like the first guy had.  They stood around her for a while facing her direction, then they all began to undress.

The girl began sucking and stroking the new cocks as well.  Her movements looked like she was having a feeding frenzy going from one cock to the next while stroking one in each hand.

Veronica noticed how turned on Brandi had become, actually paying more attention to hur than the action on screen. "Does that turn you on dear?  Seeing a slut satisfying all those hard pricks?  Why don't you go ahead and diddle your clitty while you watch?  Go on, I give you permission."

Brandi wasted no time, reaching down, slipping hur hand in hur panties and rubbing hurself.

Mmm, that's a good gurl, rub yourself while you watch that slut suck cock.  She's a dirty whore, just like you, isn't she.  She's no cock tease, she likes putting out, what a filthy, dirty whore!

Brandi was so turned on, Veronica's words and the images s/he was seeing were driving hur crazy with lust.

One of the men lay on the bed and the girl mounted him.  Brandi watched as the girl reached back and held the man's cock in place, guiding it into her cunt, then slowly lowering herself up and down.  The other men came up next to her on the bed and she began to suck them while the man under her thrust his cock in and out.

Brandi was rubbing hurself faster and faster now.  If s/he was stroking hurself like a man, s/he'd probably have blown hur cum by now, but Veronica had taught hur to rub hurself with the palm of hur hand and fingers like a gurl and it was prolonging the orgasm.

Mmm, yes, that feels good doesn't it Brandi?  Yes, rub yourself while you watch the slut degrade herself to these men.

The girl on screen dismounted the man on the bad, then the next guy lay down and she mounted him reverse cowgirl.  For the first time her face was revealed.  Even though the room was dark, Brandi almost had a heart attack when s/he realized it was Erika, his wife!  S/he watched in horror as Erika continued to fuck herself on the man's cock.

Veronica was absolutely beaming with excitement watching poor Brandi's face.  "Look at that cheap whore taking all those cocks!  What a slut!  Rub yourself while you watch the tramp defile herself."

Brandi was so close to cumming s/he couldn't stop even though she was shocked.

You look surprised dear.  Oh that's right I forgot you knew her, that's Erika isn't it.  You thought she was a virgin didn't you?  Is that what she told you?  Brandi, I'm afraid that your wife was the town slut.  She was fucking and sucking every hard prick in town, just not yours.

The video kept rolling, but it got worse and worse.  Brandi watched as hur wife continued to fuck and suck like a crazed wild animal.  Then as one of the men's faces was revealed, he realized that this video was taken on their wedding day!  The men were his groomsmen and they were all taking turns fucking pretty Erika.  He watched as she took a man in each hole at the same time while stroking one in each hand, five cocks being satisfied at once!

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