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How It Began

It started when I was really little. Maybe 4 or 5. I used to play with my friends Mark and Gail. Gail was a typical girl of the time and Mark and I used to giggle when we watched her bend over to push her bike up the little hill next to my house exposing her frilly panties.
The next thing I recall that sent me down this path was a couple of years later, Mark had moved away and Gail and I were constantly being pushed together by our Moms. I went to call for her at her house and her Mom let me in saying it would be a little while till she was ready.
She stood on a kitchen chair in a petticoat that flared out and was multi-layered with lace that her Mom returned to fussing with as Gail rolled her eyes. I was lost. She looked like an angel to me and all I could think of was how wonderful it must be to wear something so beautiful.

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