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Yes Mistress Pt 17

Brandi watched in horror as Erika took hard cock after hard cock deep inside her.  She'd always acted so virginal, yet there she was on screen, an unbridled slut fucking her way through a room of hard cocks.  They all took turns fucking each of her holes.  The action seemed to never end as the men rotated positions trading places.  Finally they formed a circle around her and watched as one man fucked her missionary style.  He pounded her hard, his cock plunging in and out of her tight cunt.  The man let out a scream as his body tensed up, shooting his seed deep into Erika's cunt.  The next man then took his turn as Erika cleaned the first man's cock with her mouth.  This continued until each man had satisfied his cock and filled Erika's cunt with their cum.

The men all dressed and left the room, then the camera stopped.  Brandi thought it was over, but a few seconds later it started again.  This time Erika was in her wedding gown and the time stamp was later in the same morning.  A bell boy brought in a tray of food and placed it on a fold out stand.  When the guy turned around Erika had her skirt hiked up showing her shaved cunt.  The guy wasted no time and was kissing and fondling Erika immediately.  The fucking only lasted about two minutes, with the guy shooting his cum inside her cunt before nervously pulling up his pants and leaving.  In fact he never even removed his pants or shoes.

Once again the camera stopped and once again Brandi wrongly thought it was over.  The screen lit up again.  The time stamp showed it was now night.  Brandi saw hurself on the camera.  S/he knew what was going to happen next.  Brad tried to kiss his bride and she tells him she's tired and it was a long day.

"But it's our wedding night"

"We have the rest of our lives dear, what's the hurry?"

Brad made advances and was pushed away by pretty Erika.  S/he heard herself begging which made Veronica laugh.  Finally Erika relented and gave in.

"Oh alright, you may lick my vagina."

Brandi remembered being so pleased that night that he was finally able to see Erika nude, to see her cunt and taste it.  S/he watched hurself helping remove Erika's pretty wedding gown.  She stood there in her virgin white lingerie looking so beautiful.  Brad knelt down in front of her and looked up at his prize.  He put his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down.  She stepped out of her panties and then stood there with her legs spread.

Brandi remembered how glistening wet Erika's cunt had been and s/he watched hur former self put his mouth over Erika's cunt for the first time.  Brandi could almost smell and taste Erika right now as s/he diddled hur hard clit.  Now s/he knew just why Erika was so wet, she was full of the cum from six different men and Brad was on his knees licking it all up!  Obviously this had turned on Erika immensely because she began to have a hard orgasm in a short time.

Brad lay Erika down on the bed and started to climb on top of her, but she pushed him back down and he obediently gave her another oral orgasm.  Erika rolled on her side after and he spooned her with his pathetic hard prick nestled against her butt.  Poor Brad would get no relief that night, nor would he ever get any vaginal relief from Erika.  He didn't know it, but her pussy was reserved for real men only, not sissies like him.
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