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Panty Obsession

I admit I have an obsession with women's panties, From that first pair I snatched from the laundromat to the dozens and dozens I've had over the years. It's not the fabric or the design that does it for me. I had a girlfriend who bought me men's nylon string bikinis when she suspected my interest, but they did nothing for me and were tucked away behind my boring cotton briefs and forgotten.
So if it's not the fabric or the style then what is it?

I think, for me, it's that they represent the ultimate in femininity. They are the doorway one must pass to reach that which we desire the most and so they also become my desire.To worship them is to bow to the superior woman, to wear them is to put aside my male ego and embrace the feminine side of me.

It was through my love of panties that Sissy Kaaren was born. If you've read my previous posts about my relationship with Gail you'd realize that none of that would have happened if Sissy Kaaren wasn't inside me She was inside me all my life and when I let her loose she showed me a new way of life. A softer, sweeter, prettier way.

Gee that sounded kind of schizo there, but I'm sure you other sissies know what I mean.

From that panty obsession I began to wear other feminine clothes and each time I tried something new it felt right. I wondered for a while if I was a Transexual but I have no desire to change sex. I found I liked being a sissy, I enjoyed being submissive to women and I liked the humiliation of being a man dressed in pretty women's clothes.

My eyes opened and with my panties on, I saw things in a new way. I wanted to try things I dared not share with anyone. I had desires I hadn't let myself feel let alone act on.

As my teen years progressed I understood more and more about who and what I was, I was a Sissy and I still am.

More of the stories of my life to come. I hope you will all stay with me for the ride.

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