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A Couple of Firsts

My friend Gail would call me whenever she felt like seeing me and I always came running. A few days after I acquired my first panties she  called and asked me to come over. Her Mom was out for the day and she wanted to see me.
We had had several necking sessions which had left me hard and frustrated as she never let me touch her while she felt very free to caress and feel me. She would giggle at my little hard-on and run her finger over it through my pants. Once she made me pull my pants down for her, after all she said there wasn't much to see and she'd already seen it all anyway. I stood there while she wrapped her fingers around me and stroked until a drop of pre-cum appeared. Then she stopped and told me it was time to go home.
The phrase prick-tease I guess applied to her but I loved the attention she gave me and was willing to accept anything she chose to give me. I was naturally submissive to her and I think that she enjoyed having a willing boy who would do as she said.
But I digress, after she called I rushed to her house thinking all kind of things.might happen. She met me at the door wearing a short green skirt and a soft sweater top that was tight enough to show the outlines of her beautiful breasts that I so longed to see and touch.
She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom and once inside she pulled me to her and began kissing me hard. She had taught me to "French" kiss and as she had taught me I let her tongue into my mouth to tease mine. She took my hands in hers as she kissed me and placed them on her waist. I knew from experience that if I tried to move them they would be firmly placed back there. Her hands moved up and down my back from my shoulders to my butt which she explored at some length.
We were both breathing heavy when she surprised the hell out of me by taking my right hand and sliding it up and down her side from her hip to the side of her breast. This went on for a few minutes as I was in heaven just from this slight touch. She pushed me away and told me to close my eyes, if I peeked she said I would have to go home.
I heard some rustling noises and when said to open my eyes she was dangling a bra from her fingers. Not knowing what had come over her I couldn't wait to see what was next.
She pulled me to her and began kissing me again only this time she placed my hand directly on her breast. Electric shocks couldn't have jolted me more as I felt her soft but firm breast through her sweater. I squeezed her and in my ignorance I squeezed a little too hard earning me a smack on the hand. She took my hand and said "Like this" as she showed me how to hold her and caress her.
She was breathing harder now and soon she pushed me away again. She stared at me as she bit her lip for a moment, then in one quick movement she reached down and pulled her sweater up and off, tossing it aside. I was staring at two perfect breasts topped with brown nipples that were hard and pointed slightly upwards.
I'd like to tell you how I suavely carried out the seduction from there but that didn't happen. First my mouth hung open as my eyes bugged out and second I came in my pants without even touching it.
But I was 14 and was hard again almost immediately.She pulled me to her bed and pushed me down on it then climbed over me and began kissing me again. I didn't know what to do with my hands so I kept them at her waist.
She was moving on me rubbing her nipples against me as she let a small moan slip out. She reached down and took my left hand and guided it under her skirt and I touched her soft nylon panties for the first time ever.
She rubbed my hand lower and lower until I was between her legs rubbing a real pussy through her panties!!!!
She broke the kiss and said "Gently" to me as she slipped my hand down the front of her panties through her bush until one finger slipped inside a very hot, wet hole. We both gasped as I felt her inside with just the tip of my finger. Her grip on my hand was very firm as she controlled every move. Afer what seemed like no time at all but was probably a couple of minutes as her breathing was becoming harsher she pulled my fingers away from her and held them up for me to see. They were glistening with her juices and she said "Lick them".
I couldn't believe what she was saying...it sounded gross...but I didn't want to do anything to ruin what was happening so I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue and licked them. The taste was okay, actually liked it and eagerly cleaned the rest of her from my fingers.
She was smiling at me, God she had a beautiful smile, and said "Taste good?"
I nodded like an idiot unable to speak.
"Then let's try this" she said as she crawled up my body I looked up to see her beautiful body looming over me as she continued up until I could see her pretty panties under her skirt. They were soaking wet and clearly showed the outline of her pussy. When she was poised over me smiling down at me she lowered herself onto my face and started to grind against my jaw and mouth.
I was lost in her, her scent, her taste, her heat against me, She was moaning now, grinding against me harder, her juices soaking through her panties and onto my face. Suddenly she stopped pulling my head hard against her as she clamped her thighs around my head. Her orgasm flooded her already soaked panties and my face.
After a few moments she shuddered as she held me to her so tight I was having trouble breathing and rolled off me to lie beside me on the bed as she caught her breath and absentmindedly rubbed her left hand over her breast.
My little dick was making a very small tent in my pants as she gathered herself together. She stood up and wrapped a robe around herself. She gave me a big beautiful smile.
"A couple of the senior girls at school told me I had to try that and they were very right" she said.
She said she was going to take a shower and that her Mom would be home soon and would I make sure the door locked as I let myself out. I could only nod and mumble OK as I was still in sensory overload.
She smiled and said "I'll call you again soon OK?"
"Anytime" I replied.
As I began to come to my senses and with a little hard-on so stiff it almost hurt I got up to leave. I don't know why I did it but with a glance toward the door I pulled open her dresser drawers and, finding her panty drawer, took a pair of pale yellow, soft nylon and lace bikini panties.
I ran home and locked myself in the bathroom for the next 45 minutes. I think the first shot actually hit the ceiling!

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