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My adventures continued and I became more and more fascinated with girls clothes. My friend Gail always wore skirts and dresses and I always envied her soooo much.
When I was about 12 or so Gail invited me to go to her Aunts house to swim in her in-ground pool. I jumped at the chance, not only for the pool but also to see Gail in her swimsuit. She was 9 months older than me and her development was very noticable. I was entering puberty and was just starting to get really interested in the girl as well as the clothes.
Her Aunt had an area of her garage curtained off as a changing area and we took turns switching into our suits. I nearly fainted when I saw her, she had a bikini on and it was pretty daring for the time for a girl her age,
We swam a bit and she pushed me underwater then ducked under and kissed me so the adults sitting poolside wouldn't see.
She ran her hand over my trunks and momentarily felt my small hard dick, however when I reached for her she pushed my hands away, I could kiss but not touch.
Later while changing I bent over to pick up my wet trunks and when I straightened up she was standing there holding my towel and watching me. I attempted to cover myself with my trunks  but in a quick movement she pulled them from my hands leaving me using only my hands to cover up,
She told me to take my hands away so she could see and I didn't know why I did it but I dropped my hands to my sides and hung my head down as I blushed in embarrassment. She looked at me for a few minutes and then touched my hard little dick.
Oh yes it was as hard as I'd ever felt it and she was amused by how it bobbed up and down without me touching it. Finally she stepped back and just before she stepped through the curtain she told me how my "Little peepee was so cute".
Then she laughed and stepped out.
I was humiliated and embarrassed and confused and more turned on than I had ever been. I guess that was the first time I submitted to a female, it was wonderful and I remember it vividly even after all these years.

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