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My First Panties

By the time I was 14 I had a part time job mopping up, cleaning and closing a laundromat about a block away from my house. I didn't mind the work and the owner, a friend of my parents, trusted me and paid me $25 a week which was actually pretty good money in those days.
It was during the clean-up one night when I noticed that one of the dryers still had clothing in it. Normally I wouldn't have touched it and left it for the ladies who re-opened the store in the morning but something caught my eye.
Lying on top of the other clothing were a pair of purple checkered bikini panties.
I had tried, in vain, to stifle my interest in girls clothes but these were so pretty they stopped me in my tracks. Several thoughts ran through my head as I glanced at the door and the clock and the panties and the clock and the panties and the keys in the door and the panties...you get the idea.
I decided to not decide until I finished all my work just in case the customer came at the last minute to pick up her clothes.
10 minutes later I was done, I put away the mop and cleaning utensils and turned off the lights leaving the one night light on as I always did. I moved toward the door but stopped in front of the dryer again. It was dark but I could still see the panties sitting there.
In a flash I pulled the dryer open grabbed the soft little garment and shoved them deep into my pocket. Sweating with nerves and excitement I hurried to the door stepped out and locked it behind me.With my treasure in my pocket I made my way home. They were a little frilly and soft cotton but they were panties and they were mine!!!
When I got home I rushed past my parents with barely a nod and locked myself in the bathroom. Quickly pulling off my pants and plain white briefs and held up the panties in front of the mirror. My little cock was rock hard as I stepped into them and pulled them up and settled them over my hips...oh my God they actually fit me and held my cock up peeking out over the waist band. I gasped as I looked at myself in the mirror and felt the snug panties surrounding me. I started to rub myself through the panties and I knew I was going to shoot soon. I gathered up some tissues and stroked myself with two fingers just a couple of times before I unloaded the biggest orgasm of my life. I was extra careful to not get any cum on my pretty panties as I reluctantly slid them off and and re-dressed in what I would now consider my boring briefs and jeans.
That night I hid those panties in my secret space. I hid some Playboys and a Penthouse or 2 in there and as far as I knew it hadn't been found by anyone.
My life changed fundamentally that day with one simple pair of panties that most girls would have thought were nothing special. They were special to me though. Very special.

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