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Mutiny aboard The Raging Impaler!!!

It was a soft moonlit night and a steady breeze filled the sails of the infamous pirate ship "The Raging Impaler". All was quiet as the third mate crept quietly across the deck, keeping to the shadows as best he could. He was moving slowly aft toward the Captains cabin when a voice from the crows nest challenged him.
"Who be that hiding in the shadows down there, come out and name yourself".
The mate stepped into the moonlight and harshly whispered, "It's me Third Mate Dover, keep your voice down or you'll wake the Cap'n and you know what that would mean?"
The chastened crewman lowering his voice to a whisper answered back, "Aye sir, it's just I been a little uneasy tonight, a feelin' that things are awry".
"Never mind your feelings, just keep to your lookout."
Aye aye sir"
The mate, checking over his shoulder to see if anyone from the crew quarters had been roused by this exchange resumed making his quiet and  stealthy way to the Captains door. Normally waking the captain was unheard of but tonight he had to get to him and time was running out.
Without knocking he opened the door and crept into the cabin of the infamous pirate Captain Woodrow Bonner, Old Hardwood his crew called him. Lighting a lamp the mate turned to the bed and found the captain fully awake and pointing a pistol straight at him, His eyes grew large as he saw the pistol first and then noted that the Captain slept nude. His eyes flicked between the pistol and the captains' manhood which gave new meaning to his crew given name.
"What are you after boy", growled the captain rising to his feet, "what do you want to tell me before I have you keelhauled for daring to interrupt my sleep?"
Trying desperately to keep his eyes on the enraged Captains face The mate gasped out, "It's a mutiny Cap'n, the crew is turned against you! Most, if not all the officers too!! They'll be coming soon."
"Arrrgh, a mutiny is it?" the captain raged, "and who is the leader of this mutiny?"
"It was that sissy we took aboard Cap'n, she's turned the crew against you. I knew we should have had her walk the plank when we found she warn't a real woman. Hurry Cap'n let me help you dress so that we can flee in one of the boats!"
I can't believe it's possible", the captain said as he stepped into the pants the mate held open for him, "are there any others still loyal Dover?"
"Just me Cap'n." he said as he adjusted the captains belt around his hips.
"And why just you young Ben, when all the rest have turned?"
"I'll always be loyal to you my captain." said the mate as he buttoned the captains shirt.
Suddenly with a crash the door flew open and the sissy stood there looking no longer like a frightened prisoner. Over her shoulder stood the rest of the Impaler crew.

"Captain" said the sissy, "your ship and crew are mine. Surrender and I'll let you live, give you and your toady here some food and water and one of the small boats. Fight me and we'll take you, tie you over the railing and make you the receptacle of the entire crews filthy seed before you walk the plank What's it to be then?"

"Aye lass,I have no wish to die or to be used in such a manner. I accept your terms."

The crew let loose a rousing cheer as they lowered the boat with Old Hardwood and third mate Ben Dover over the side. "Three cheers for Cap'n Kaaren, Three cheers for Cap'n Kaaren!!!"

As they rowed away from the ship and the sound of the cheering men the Captain looked at his mate
"How did she do it" he wondered, "how did she turn my crew against me?"

"Well Cap'n", said the mate, "I believe she offered them something that you didn't"

There might be further episodes of the adventures of Sissy Cap'n Kaaren aboard The Raging Impaler as this has always been a favorite fantasy of mine. Feedback is always welcome.

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