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Yes Mistress Pt 15

Veronica shoved the rubber cock all the way up Brandi's tight little asshole in one push.  Brandi shrieked in pain at the sudden intrusion.

Keep sucking slut!

Brandi continued to suck on the giant cock in hur mouth as Veronica violated hur ass.  Veronica was not being gentle at all, plunging that cock in and out of Brandi faster and faster.  She twisted it as it went in and out.  Once in a while she'd shove it in and wiggle it against poor Brandi's prostate.

Veronica could tell Brandi was getting close, so she ordered hur not to cum.

Don't you cum slut.  You don't cum until Mommy tells you to.

Oh Mommy, I'll try not to, but it feels so good.

What feels good?

It feels good to be fucked in the ass while I have a cock in my mouth.

Yes, that's right.  You know why?  Because your a slut, that's why.  A SISSY slut!

All the ladies laughed when they heard that.

Veronica shoved the dildo in again and let go.

Now I want you to fuck yourself in front of everyone.  Show the ladies what a slut you are.

Brandi reached back and took hold of the dildo and began to fuck hur own ass with it.

Don't forget your mouth too, keep sucking like a cheap whore.

Brandi was down on all fours trying to balance, holding the dildo still in front of hur while shoving the other one in hur ass.

The sensations were mind blowing and s/he began to lose hurself in wave after wave of pleasure.

Veronica could tell s/he was close so she walked up and slapped hur face hard.

Don't you cum slut, not until I say.

Yes Mommy.

Now shove that dildo all the way up your ass and pull up your thong to keep it there.  We're going home now.

Brandi did as s/he was told like a good little obedient sissy.  S/he could barely walk with that big dildo up hur ass and everyone laughed watching hur waddle around.  S/he tried to hand the other dildo to Veronica, but she shoved it back at hur.

You carry that around with you until we get home.

But Mommy, everyone will see.

That's none of my concern is it?  Now let's go to the register to pay for your new panties and braziers.  Hurry and get dressed.

Brandi waddled into the stall and put hur dress on and straightened up hur hair, checking hur makeup just the way a woman would.

They walked out of the dressing room together and up to the register where Patty was waiting.  There were several other ladies shopping now and Brandi saw them do a double take when they noticed the dildo in hur hand.

Veronica smiled at them.

Oh this is Brandi.  She's a sissy slut and that's hur favorite dildo she likes to suck.  She likes to imagine it's a real cock and deep throats it quite well.

"Is that right?" the woman closest to her asked with a smirk.

Yes, and s/he's such a complete whore, s/he actually has another dildo the same size up hur ass right now as we speak.

"Oh my!"

Brandi's face was beet red as she tilted her head down at the ground, trying not to look up.

Well, s/he is a pretty little thing isn't s/he?  You've done a wonderful job on hur.

Thank you so much for saying so.

Veronica made sure they took the long way through the store to the parking lot, stopping and examining anything she was remotely interested in.  She took her time even asking questions about products.  Poor sissy Brandi felt so ashamed standing there with the dildo in hur hand.

Veronica made hur explain it hurself a few times too.

Tell the pretty lady what that is in your hand and what you do with it.

It's my favorite dildo.  I like to suck it like a slut and I have another one up my ass right now.

Show her, show the nice lady.

Brandi turned around and bent forward lifting hur dress to how the dildo being held in by hur thong panty.

The embarrassment was too much for poor Brandi and s/he tried to hide behind Veronica.

Now now, don't be shy Brandi.  I want everyone in town to know what a slut you are.  A sissy slut that is!

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