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Yes Mistress Pt 8

 Brad didn't know what to say, so he just walked back out to his room.  He tried to think of what he should do.  He was really stuck, Veronica had the papers to his house, he had no clothes, nothing.  She owned him.  He decided he'd better do what she said and perhaps he'd be able to work off some of his debt and get his house back some day.

He opened the top drawer and it was filled with lingerie; panties, bras, stockings and garter belts.  The lower drawers had all sorts of feminine clothing, cute t shirts and sweats, casual wear.  The closet was filled with dresses, skirts, blouses and other clothing.  It didn't occur to Brad how much thought must have gone into purchasing all of these things for him.  He found a French maid outfit hanging in the closet and took it out.  He held it in front of himself and stood before the mirror.  Guess it'll fit, he thought as he began to undress from the last of his male clothing.

His body was still smooth from the full shaving he'd given himself.  It felt strange at first, but he actually found himself enjoying the sensation of having smooth skin against his new soft clothing.  He put on the apron like outfit and then noticed the garter clips hanging there.  He went to the drawer and picked out some black stockings.  It felt good slipping them over his bare legs and he caught himself arching his back as he reached back to clip the garters to his stockings.  He went back to the closet and brought out some 6 inch high heels and slipped them on.  He could barely balance in them so he took them off and found some cute black two inch sandals.

He checked and rechecked himself in the mirror before returning to the kitchen.  Veronica was reading the news on her tablet and didn't even look up when he entered.

"I'd like some fresh squeezed orange juice please." she said without so much as a glance his way.

Yes, Ma'am

Brad went to the fridge and got out some oranges and began preparing them.  He found the juicer and made the juice for Veronica.

He brought over the glass to her and she took it from him, again without even looking his way.

She took one small sip and then asked for some espresso.

Brad found the coffee and did his best to make a good espresso.

When he brought it back to her, she finally looked at him.

You look awful, she said, taking the beverage from him.

Why aren't you wearing any makeup?

I don't know, I mean, I didn't know I was supposed to..

Oh stop your excuse making!

Just then Melissa walked into the room.  She burst into laughter when she saw Brad in the French maid outfit and began taking pics of him with her phone.

OMG, I can't believe this, what a wimp!

I know, but doesn't S/HE look horrible?!  S/HE needs some makeup, don't you think?


The ladies brought Brad back to his room and sat him down in front of the mirror.  They brought out all the makeup Veronica had bought for him.  They started brushing his hair which had started to get long since he couldn't afford his regular hair cuts anymore.  Then they started applying makeup to his face.  Eye shadow, blush, mascara, lipstick.  When they were done, Brad couldn't believe his eyes.  It was scary how feminine he looked.  Part of him liked it, but part hated it too and he was afraid to show them either side, so he kept quiet.

There, doesn't S/he look pretty now Melissa?

S/he sure does Veronica.

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