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Yes Mistress Pt 12

Sissy Brandi felt so ashamed standing in the dressing room of the lingerie department surrounded by women pointing and laughing at hur.

I hope you haven't ruined your panties with that clit stain!  If you'd only listened to mother when she told you to wear your panty liner!

I'm so sorry mommy.  Please don't be angry at me.

You probably did this on purpose as some way of humiliating me in public!  How dare you!

No, I didn't!  It was an accident.  I forgot to wear my panty liner.

I feel so humiliated!  You've shamed me in public.  I think you need to feel what it's like to be shamed in public so you never do this to me again.

Please don't punish me, please.

If you didn't want to get punished then you shouldn't have done this to me.  It hurts me just as much as you to have to do this.  Remove your panties.

Brandi paused hoping Veronica would change her mind.

I said remove your panties sissy!

Brandi obeyed, quickly lowering hur panties to hur ankles, then stepping out of them, leaving hur standing in the center of the mirrored room in only hur thigh high stockings and stiletto heels.

Now rub your clit like I taught you to do it.  Brandi looked at Veronica with sad eyes hoping she wouldn't make hur go through with this.

Go on now Brandi, rub yourself right here in front of everyone.  Humiliate yourself like you humiliated me by wetting your panties.

Brandi flattened her hand and began to rub hur engorged sissy clit the way Veronica had taught hur.

The sisters both began laughing again as they watched poor Brandi masturbate.

Don't you cum sissy.  You don't ever cum unless Mommy says you can.

Yes Mommy, I won't cum.

That's a good gurl, keep rubbing your clit.

They all watched as Brandi continued to rub hurself for their pleasure.

The sales lady walked in and stopped in her tracks when she saw what was happening.

You can't do that in here!

Everyone froze, not knowing what to do.

Well, you can't do that in here without me getting to watch too!

She handed Veronica some lingerie.

I thought some of these would be nice for the sissy to wear.  Very appropriate for hur now that hur little sissy tits are coming out so nicely.

She eyed Brandi's lovely small breasts.

The sisters both had their hands up their skirts as they watched Brandi continue to rub hur hard clit.

Ladies, there's no need to pleasure yourselves.  Not with a sissy present.  It's hur job to satisfy the ladies in the room.  Sit down on those chairs.  Now Brandi, I want you got give these nice ladies head.

But Mother, I don't want to do that.  I don't even know them.

Do it now!  Are you trying to embarrass me again?!

Brandi got on hur knees and lifted the skirt of the first sister and reached up and pulled her panties down.  Her pussy was sopping wet and quite fragrant.

I see you haven't cleaned up in a few hours dear, Veronica said.  No matter, Brandi here will clean you up with hur mouth.  Isn't that right Brandi?!

Yes, Mother.

Brandi lowered hur mouth over the sister's cunt, first licking her entire pussy up and down slowly.  She threw her head back at the sensation and moaned loudly.  Brandi's tongue continued to lick slowly up and down her slit, getting in all the crevices.

Brandi here is an expert pussy licker.  You see that's the only way a sissy like hur can get anywhere near a pussy.  Doesn't that feel good dear?  I can't even take credit for teaching hur to be such a good cunt licker.  I think it was hur wife that taught hur.

Brandi's tongue was flicking gently at the sister's clit now as her own sister masturbated to the show.

The first sister began to shake and came on Brandi's face.

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