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Yes Mistress pt 7

Brad couldn't sleep that night, the feelings of anxiety about losing his house and wife mixed with the intense sexual desires he had for Veronica and Melissa were too overwhelming.  The next day when he got to work the office was buzzing with excitement.  The early numbers were coming in and they looked good.  Everyone was hoping this would mean the G2 project would be green lighted and their jobs would be saved.

Veronica left early that day, but Melissa took over the duty of training Brad into the sissy he needed to be.  She had him fuck himself with a dildo on the floor of Veronica's office.  Of course she recorded the entire event for Veronica's later viewing pleasure.  She let Brad go home with no chastity belt, but he first had to agree to shave his entire body and swear he would not ejaculate.  Brad was such a sissy he actually upheld his promise.

The next day the office was again in a good mood.  Veronica held a meeting toward the end of the day and announced that the G2 project would indeed be going forward and thanked all the staff for their hard work.  She also announced that most people would be keeping their jobs, but some would need to be relocated to different cities to help the project take foot.

Brad felt sure he'd get to keep his spot, but he never received his papers like everyone else.  Perhaps Veronica wanted to deliver the good news in person?

At the end of the work day, Brad was called to Veronica's office.

Melissa let him in the office, but left him in there alone with Veronica.

Brian! Nice to see you.  Let me start by saying that you've been instrumental in getting this project going and have been a great worker.

Thank you.

I do have a bit of bad news for you though.  Management has decided your job can be consolidated into the analyst 4 position.  Lucas has seniority over you by two days and so he has been promoted to that job and will be taking over your duties as well as his new ones.

What?  But what does that mean for me?  Will I be reassigned?

No, I'm afraid there is nothing for you anymore.

But, but I'll lose my house.  I have no other options.  I was counting on this.

Well, I'm sorry Brian, but you really should have been planning ahead.

Brad almost fell into the chair facing Veronica's desk.  He was in a daze.

Brian, it's not really my place to ask, but do you have money stashed away for your payments.

Huh?  Uh, no.  I've got nothing.

I see.  Well, let me put this idea out there for you.  The company has made it clear that I'll be heading up the new project from here.  I was thinking I could put down a few roots since I'll be living in the area.  If you sign your home over to me, I could take over your payments until you get on your feet.  In exchange you could work for me as a personal assistant.  That would keep you out of financial problems.

Brad thought it over.  He really had no other options at this point.

OK, thank you for the offer.  I could live in the house while I work for you?

Oh no Brian.  You'd be required to live in the servants quarters at my house while working for me.  Your job would be to serve me when I needed you, 24 hours a day.

Oh, I see.  I suppose that would be fine.  What about my things?

There's room to store your things at my house and you could bring your personal items with you.

The movers came and packed Brad's things the next day while he went to work at the office for the last time.

At the end of the day Veronica called him to her office and had him carry her things to the car.

Veronica drove them to the house.  It was really more of a mansion with two large wings capped with a grand entry connecting them.  In the middle was a manicured courtyard area.  The ends of the wings were two open living room recreation areas; mirror images of themselves with large glass walls allowing you to see across the courtyard to the other living room.

Veronica showed Brad his living quarters.  The room was obviously meant for a woman.  It was painted in soft pink with white trim and the furnishings were all very feminine.  Brad didn't care, it was all temporary anyway.  They ate delivery food for dinner and Brad hand washed the dishes as instructed.

You must be very tired Brian, why don't you go ahead and retire for the evening.

Brad went back to his new room and took a shower.  When he got out he discovered that his clothes had not been delivered yet.  Instead the woman who lived there had left her clothing there.  He went to sleep nude since he had nothing to wear.

The next day he wore the same clothes he came in.  Veronica came downstairs in a sheer robe.  Brad's cock got stiff at the sight of her tits through the white material.

Brian, why are you wearing the same clothes again?

My clothes weren't delivered Ma'am.  I had nothing else to wear.

Nothing else to wear?  Didn't you see the clothes I picked out for you?

No, there was only women's clothes there.  When will my clothes be delivered?

Oh, I had the movers throw your things away Brian.  You won't be needing them any longer.

But I only have the clothes I'm wearing now.

Nonsense, you have a whole new wardrobe.  The women's clothes are for you dear.  A sissy like you shouldn't be wearing men's clothing.

Brad was dumbstruck.  He didn't know what to say.

You'd better go get dressed.  How about one of the French maid outfits?  Yes that'll do just fine.

To be Continued....

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