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Yes Mistress Pt 10

Brandi was slowly learning to be a good little subservient maid to Veronica.  Little by little Veronica nudged hur along in all aspects of hur life.  Gone were the manly workouts that Brandi had done when he was Brad.  Now he did some cardio to stay slender, no weight lifting, no basketball games.  Veronica put hur on a strict diet as well, limiting hur caloric intake and protein to keep hur muscles small and weak.

Veronica kept poor Brandi locked up in the house, not that there was any lack of chores to do.  Brandi kept the house nice and clean like a good little maid.  After a few weeks, Veronica came home with a present for Brandi.  It was in a brown paper bag and Brandi wondered what it might be.

Open it.

Brandi eagerly opened the bag and reached in.  S/he found a small glass bottle with liquid in it and a box of syringes.

I don't understand Mistress.

Of course your little sissy brain can't understand what is happening.  Those are your hormones dear.


Yes, I've decided that I need to further feminize you.  With those you will get softer skin and lose even more muscle.  Your breasts will grow and you will hopefully get a nice full round ass and hips.  Doc Evans said this is the newest compound and transforms a person farther than ever before.

But, I thought I was just here, you know temporarily; until I could pay you back and get back on my feet.  Until I could get my house back.

Veronica laughed hysterically.

Is that what your pretty little head was thinking dear?  I've decided I like having my own little sissy around too much to give you up.  No, you'll be here until I say you may leave.  Is that understood?

But, but.  I thought it was temporary.  I don't want to do this.  Please don't make me.

Oh, it'll be fine.  I'm sure the effects will not be permanent.  If you don't do this it's out on the streets for you and no chance to get your house and wifey back.  Now go on and inject yourself with the first treatment.  I would do it for you, but I want you to get used to doing it yourself, after all Mommy won't always be here to help you now.

Brandi obediently gave hurself hur very first injection.  It was the first of many, but as soon as the hormones raced through hur body s/he could already feel the effects.  Any desires to remain a man began to fade.  Brandi looked forward to getting dressed up and wearing makeup.  S/he felt tingly between hur legs when she thought about men.

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