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Yes Mistress Pt 9

Brad felt strangely proud.  Proud that he had pleased Veronica and Melissa and proud that he looked so good as a female.  It was a feeling that scared him.  He'd never really given it much thought, but he always accepted that he was a man, there was nothing to think about; yet here he was dressed in women's clothing with full makeup and hair.  He didn't have much time to mull it over as Veronica immediately took over his thoughts with her orders.

Now that you are living under my roof, I will be expecting more and more from you.  I will try and ease you into the position, but eventually you will be expected to fulfill all your duties without being asked.  You will be expected to know what I want, when and where.

Veronica proceeded to train Brad on the many intricacies of serving her properly.  She could be very particular about the way things had to be done.  Melissa, having helped train the former maid, took Brad under her wing and helped him.

Veronica and Melissa went off to work and Brad began cleaning the house.  Vacuuming, cleaning and such in his maid's outfit somehow just felt so right.  The tight thong up his ass was a constant reminder of what he was wearing.  Pedro the gardener looked puzzled when he spotted Brad through the window, but his quizzical look soon turned to a smile as he laughed at poor Brad.

Brad did the laundry just like Veronica had told him.  He took each used panty from the hamper and licked the crotches clean with his tongue.  Then he hand washed all her fine lingerie in a basin and gently hung them to dry.

Hours passed quickly as the house was so big and there were so many things to do.  Brad was preparing the food to be cooked that evening for dinner when he saw Veronica's car pulling up.  He jogged over to the front door to greet her as he'd been instructed.

He stood by the door and opened it for her.  Then he curtsied as she enetered.  Melissa was with her again and she gave a smirk as she watched sissy Brad being so obedient.

Very good Brad.

Brad took their coats and walked them to the sitting area.

May I get you a drink mother?  Melissa?

I will have a scotch on the rocks.

Melissa asked for the same.

Brad went over to the wet bar and served two drinks for the ladies.

Thank you Brian.

You're welcome Ma'am.

Hmm, Brian.  That name doesn't seem to match you any longer.  How about I call you Brandi from now?  Do you think that matches the sissy Melissa?

Brandi sounds like a fine name for our little sissy.

Very well, you're name is now Brandi.

Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am.

Now Brandi, my feet are tired.

Brandi came over immediately and knelt before Veronica, removing her high heeled shoes.  S/he rubbed Veronica's stocking covered feet, kneeding them expertly as he'd learned to do to his wife Erika.

Mmm, that certainly feels wonderful.  You sure are good at that Brandi.  You seem to have a lot of experience serving women.

Brandi continued to rub Veronica's feet while the two ladies carried on their conversation about various men and how masculine this man or that was.  After they'd finished their drinks, Veronica decided she needed a bath.  Melissa was invited to stay for dinner, but she declined saying she was going to go home before it got too late.

Brandi followed Veronica upstairs to her bedroom where s/he was made to undress hur Mistress.  S/he stood in front of her and slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing her lacy white bra underneath.  Her perfume was intoxicating and it aroused poor Brandi.  Next Brandi walked behind Veronica and undid the clasps on the waist of her skirt and lowered it to her ankles.  Veronica stepped out of her skirt and stood there in her garter belt, stockings, panties and bra.  If Brad was a real man he would have taken her on the spot, thrusting his hard cock into Veronica's cunt, but instead he stood there meekly, completely trusted by Veronica not to do a thing.

He reached around and undid the clips on Veronica's stockings and slid each of them down her silky legs one at a time.  Veronica lifted her delicate feet as Brad removed the stockings.  His hands trembled as the sexual feelings in him roared.  He undid her garter belt next and folded it neatly and placed it on the table.  Then he undid the clasps of Veronica's bra, pulling the two sides together to unhook them then slowly releasing them and lowering the delicate lacy cups to reveal Veronica's beautiful breasts.  Her nipples were rock hard and stood out like two ripe cherries ready to be devoured.

You like what you see Brandi?  Of course you do.  You long to touch those breasts don't you; to suck on Mommy's hard nipples?  It's a shame, but you'll never get to do those things.  No those things are only done by real men.  Now help Mommy with her panties.

Brad knelt down and put his finger tips into the waistband of Veronica's panties.  He gently tugged on them and brought them down over the hump of her perfectly round ass.  His face was inches from her and his poor cock was like a piece of wood.  The panties glided down her smooth legs to her tiny ankles and she stepped out of the panties.

Now lick them clean.

Brad brought the panties to his face and licked the dirty crotch clean with his tongue as Veronica watched with a smirk on her face.  How she enjoyed having a wimp sissy around, doing everything as ordered.

Now today I'll let you off with a warning, but in the future I expect you to have my bath ready for me.  Now go and get the tub ready.

Brad filled the bath with hot water and perfumed soaps.  He took Veronica's hand as she stepped into the tub, pointing her toes in to test the temperature.

Very good Brandi, it's just the right temperature.

Veronica sat down in the tub and sunk down to her neck under the hot soapy suds.

Now Brandi, you may give Mommy her bath now.

Brad got a soft towel and began to gently scrub Veronica's face and neck.  He slowly worked his way down her body cleaning her back and breasts, then her flat stomach.  Veronica spread her legs and told Brandi not to be shy and to do a good job cleaning Mommy's pussy.

After he'd finished her legs and feet, Brandi was ordered to get Mommy another drink and leave her to relax alone.

When she was ready, she called Brandi back and s/he stood there with a soft warmed towel and wrapped Veronica up and patted her dry.

Veronica put her hair in a towel and walked over to the bed and lay down spread eagle.

She motioned for Brad to come over and then pointed at her glistening cunt.

Mommy needs to cum.  Lick Mommy's cunt now.

Brad eagerly dove in, licking and sucking on Veronica's delicious cunt.  His expert tongue gave Veronica multiple orgasms.

When he was done, poor Brandi was sent downstairs to finish preparing dinner while Veronica took a cat nap.  Hur cock was so stiff and hard.  S/he thought about jacking off, but stopped hurself as s/he was afraid it would make Veronica angry if she found out.
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