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Yes Mistress Pt 11

Veronica always kept poor Brandi on hur toes.  Just when s/he thought s/he had a handle on things, Veronica would do something to keep hur off balance.  Brandi had become at ease wearing women's clothing and makeup around the house.  Pedro the gardener still always got a good laugh though, even taking pictures of poor Brandi through the windows.  Brandi felt so embarrassed, but Veronica ordered hur to be a good gurl and pose for the pics if Pedro wanted hur to.

One Saturday, after giving Veronica a manicure and massage, she decided that they needed to go shopping.  Brandi got up to go to hur room and get dressed in hur only remaining men's clothes.

Where are you going Brandi dear?

I'm going to change clothes.  You wanted to go shopping, correct?

Yes, I do want to shop, but there's no need to change clothing sweetheart.

But I'll be in public.  I can't go out in public like this.

Why not?  You look so pretty, so effeminate and gurly.  Just look at your pert little breasts coming in so nicely.  It'd be a shame not to show them off.  Why what kind of person would I be if I didn't share you with the rest of the world?

Unknown to poor Brandi, contained in hur daily injections with the hormones was also an added drug that made hur obedient.  The parts of hur that wanted to resist would always lose to the drug.

Please don't make me do that Mother, please.

Brandi pleaded with the saddest little sissy face, pouting hur full red glossy lips.

Oh there there dear.  You'll be just fine.  Don't you worry.  Now do as you are told.

Yes Mother.

Mother drove Brandi downtown to the shopping district and pulled into the lot, handing the keys to the valet as he opened her door for her.  He saw that Veronica had a female passenger so he scurried around to the other side of the car to open hur door as well.  He tried to look up Brandi's short skirt as she swiveled in the seat to get out, offering his hand to help hur stand up in hur 6 inch heels.

Brandi really did look beautiful, stunning really.  The poor valet couldn't take his eyes off the two ladies as they walked toward the stores.

Veronica had poor Brandi approach the pretty salesgirl and ask where the lingerie department was.  Hur face was beet red as the sales lady looked hur up and down before replying.

Don't I know you?

Brandi didn't know how to reply, so Veronica chimed in.

Yes, this is Bradley, he used to be a man, but now s/he's a sissy and s/he needs some panties and bras.  Isn't that right Brandi?

Brandi bowed hur head and looked down at the ground as s/he nodded hur head affirmatively.

"I see", the salesgirl said as she held back her laughter.  "Well then, the ladies lingerie section is upstairs and to the right as you exit the escalator."

What do you say to the nice sales girl Brandi?

Thank you.

"You're welcome sissy Brandi," she said with smirk.

They made their way upstairs and a middle age woman greeted them at the lingerie section.

Welcome Ms Sutton, so nice to see you again and who is this with you.

This is sissy Brandi.  S/he used to be a man, well not really, but s/he certainly is a sissy now.  She needs some bras and panties because s/hes taking hormones and hur little titties are getting too big for hur old bras.  Isn't that right Brandi.

Brandi was so embarrassed, she just kept looking down at the floor as she nodded yes.

Well, I must say Ms Sutton, you've done an excellent job on hur.  S/he is certainly not a man at all anymore, if s/he ever was one that is.

The ladies broke into laughter at that comment.

Brandi looked up and noticed that the other women shopping there were all staring at hur.  S/he quickly looked back down.

Veronica grabbed the hem of Brandi's skirt and quickly lifted it exposing hur panties.  Brandi tried to stop her, but Veronica swatted hur hands.

See how hur panties fit?  S/he'll be needing some new ones.

Now all the other shoppers had gathered to look and were laughing as they inspected the contents of Brandi's panties.

I see, well, let's have hur go into the dressing room and I'll bring a few things that might suit hur.

Veronica led Brandi to the dressing room, opening the door to the largest booth and leaving it open.

Remove your pretty clothing now dear.

But Mother, people will see me.

Now now, there's no need for embarrassment we're all girls in here.  Do as Mommy tells you.

Two sisters in the dressing room witnessed the whole exchange and burst into laughter making poor Brandi's face red again.

What a sissy!

I know right?!

Look hur thingie is hard in hur panties!

Veronica turned to look at them and smiled. "Of course hur clit is hard, I've trained hur to always be hard in a lady's presence."

The girls laughed again.

"Oh now look what you've done" Veronica said to Brandi pointing to the crotch of hur panties, "you're all wet down there.  Didn't Mommy tell you to wear a panty liner?  Can't you do anything right?"

The sisters couldn't stop laughing.

Now Brandi remove your brassiere so we an all see your tiny titties.

Brandi looked down at the floor as s/he obediently removed hur bra exposing hur new tits.

To be Continued

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