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Tammi the Maid pt 5

The girls grabbed Tammi and forced hur back on the couch.

No, I don't want to.  I'm a man.

The girls all laughed when they heard that.

Would a man take a vibrator up his ass?  Would he suck cock like you do?  You're no man.  You're a sissy, a wimpy sissy.

It was so true, poor Tammi was so demure and effeminate with hur small titties showing when the girls pulled down hur lacy top.

They had Tammi go down on all fours on the floor and handed hur the vibrator again.

Now Tammi, you're going to fuck yourself in the ass this time...AND you're going to suck cock all on your own.

No.  I won't do it.

You'll do it slut, or the movies we made will go viral and EVERYONE will see what a sissy slut you are.  Your life will be ruined.  I've friended Denise, you know that pretty cheerleader you've been lusting after.  She'll be the first to get it.

No, please don't do that.

My fingers on the send button, better get sucking and fucking TAMMI.

Tammi immediately started sucking the dildo.  Hur pretty little blond head was bobbing up and down and sucking that cock so good.

Here, suck on this one too.

Tammi was sucking two dildos when Jenn inserted the vibrator up hur ass again.  This time she wasn't so gentle.

Take it slut.

Then she turned on the vibration and it send waves of ecstasy through Tammi's body as s/he let out a sissy scream of pleasure.

Tammi lost track of all time as s/he fucked and sucked hur way to multiple orgasms.  She didn't even hear the front door open.  It wasn't until s/he heard Denise's voice that s/he turned around and a camera flash went off in hur face.

"Oops, guess I must have hit send by accident" Jenn said laughing.

Tammi's face was so red.  S/he tried to stop, but the girls told hur she couldn't, so s/he continued to humiliate hurself in front of Denise, plunging the vibrator in and out of hur hole as s/he sucked down on those dildos.

Denise was still wearing her cheer outfit.  "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's true.  Wait til the other girls see."

The thought of that was so humiliating, and Tammi thought of running away and hiding, but the sisters  saw hur try to get up and forced hur back down.

Oh my gosh, what a wimp.  I think I hear Tracy's car.

The doorbell rang and Tammi heard more voices as  the other cheerleaders came in.  They all started taking pictures and laughing at the sight of pathetic sissy wimp Tammi masturbating on the living room floor with a vibrator up hur ass and two cocks in hur mouth.

After everyone got some good pictures of Tammi, Jenn ordered Tammi to eat all the pussies in the room.

Don't be rude Tammi, be a good sissy and eat all their pussies like an obedient slut.

Tammi crawled on hur knees over to the couch where the cheerleaders were lined up with their legs spread open and one by one gave all of them head.

Denise laughed and said something about how she was glad she hadn't showered after practice as poor Tammi lapped up hur dirty pussy, cleaning the discharge with hur tongue.

Now fuck yourself while you eat that pussy.

Tammi slipped the vibrator up hur ass again, fucking it in and out while s/he continued to eat cunt.

To Be Continued...

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