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Tammi the Maid pt 9

Everyone laughed when Jason showed them the video of Tammi sucking his cock.  They could hardly wait to go over to the house and get some.  What guy doesn't love a sure thing, right?  It didn't take long for the whole team to know about Tammi and for them to show up at the house.  The sisters liked it because they got to be really popular at school and they didn't even have to put out if they didn't want to.  There wasn't a day in the week when poor Tammi wasn't being used to pleasure at least three cocks, sometimes at the same time.

Randy was the kicker on the team.  He was barely five foot five, but he had a huge nine inch cock.  He was the worst one of them all because he always had something to prove.  He liked letting everyone watch while Tammi was made to suck his cock in the middle of the room.  Sometimes he'd shoot his cum all over hur pretty face or hair, and sometimes he'd take hur anally.  Tammi's poor ass was always sore after his huge cock had stretched hur hole open.  She pretended not to like it, but she really longed for his ass reamings.  She loved the feeling of his hot meat sliding in and out of hur.

One time poor Tammi was forced to take two cocks up hur ass at once.  Tammi was in a reverse cowgurl with Todd all the way up hur ass when Joey came in front of hur and slipped his cock in at the same time.  The feeling was incredible as they ripped hur open.  It was even better than Randy's big cock. They got in a rhythm as they pumped hur hole.  Then when s/he thought s/he couldn't take any more, three more guys came up with their hard cocks out and stood there while Tammi sucked one after another while stroking the others in hur tiny soft sissy hands. Tammi could barely breath with all that cock going in and out of hur non stop.  She had multiple orgasms as they continued taking turns thrusting their cocks in hur ass or mouth.

In the end they gave hur a five cock facial, pumping gallons of hot cum all over hur pretty face.  It ran down hur tiny tittied chest and flat belly and they forced poor Tammi to scoop it up with hur hands and lick every drop.

Lick it up slut!  Look s/he likes it!  You like eating all that cum don't you slut?!  That's good because there's plenty more cocks to cum.

That's when the doorbell rang and ten more team members came in ready for some action!  Poor sissy Tammi!
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