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Tammi the Maid pt 7

 It was so true, poor Tammi's little clitty was standing up.  Everyone could see it through the white nylon of hur panties.  How humiliating it was when all the girls laughed and pointed while taking pictures.  

They ordered Tammi to tuck hur little tiny cockette under hurself and sit on the arm of the couch like a slut.  Tammi looked so pretty with hur makeup on and hur pretty blonde hair all done up.  Hur tiny tits were so perky and hur legs were so smooth and hairless, the way a real sissy should be.

After Tammi was done cleaning Beth's pussy of all of Brandon's cum, the other girls were ready for another orgasm so they lined up and forced poor Tammi to eat all their pussies again.

Oh my gosh, my boyfriend would never do that.  He just wants to fuck or make me suck his cock.  He says real men don't do that.

Tammi felt so embarrassed when s/he heard that.

At the end of the night, Jess brought out a chastity belt and put it over poor Tammi's pathetic little cockette.  The inside was lined with a soft material that felt so good, but she couldn't move because it was so tight.  

No cummy cum for you, little bitch.

The girls periods were all syncronized, so Tammi looked forward to one week out of the month that she wasn't forced to do humiliating things in front of others.  The step sisters were so mean though, they thought of ways to torture pretty little sissy Tammi.  Whenever it was their period, they would force Tammi to put tampons up hur ass for the week.  This was after hur twice daily enimas of course.

Tammi's ass was so sore from having that tampon up hur ass all day.

That's it dear, keep that tampon up your effeminate ass.  Do as you're told sissy.

Please don't make me do that any more, my ass is so sore.

But you need to learn what it means to be a woman Tammi.

My name's Tommy and I'm a man.

The girls laughed hysterically.

Would a man be dressed in high heeled shoes like that, with lingerie and makeup?  Besides tomorrow your period will be over and we have something special planned for you.

Tammi was so scared, s/he knew they'd do something cruel, s/he just didn't know what it could be.

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