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Tammi the Maid pt 8

Tammi was looking forward to being able to take hur tampons out.  Hur ass felt so much better now that it had all day to recover.  While the girls were out, Tammi was at home being a subservient sissy and doing all the chores, just the way s/he was told.

Tammi had made a delicious meal for everyone, but they didn't come home at the regular time.  Tammi didn't know what to do since usually they girls would have been home and ordered hur around by now.  S/he decided to go upstairs and check hur makeup and clothes.  Tammi looked at hurself in the mirror, she looked so feminine and pretty.  S/he felt so ashamed of what s/he'd become; a sissy wimp.

Tammi heard the front door open downstairs, so she made hur way back down there to get dinner ready to serve.

To hur shock, Jason was standing there.  He was the hunky quarterback on the football team.  He was so tall and muscular, the exact opposite of wimpy Tammi with hur weak little arms and frail body.

The sister's introduced Jason and Tammi pretended to not know who he was.  Jason certainly had no clue who Tammi was even though they'd changed many times just a few lockers away from each other.  He was actually more surprised to see a pretty girl in a flimsy French maid outfit, well, surprised and excited.

Jenn suggested everyone get comfortable on the couch, then all the sisters were trying to get to sit next to Jason.

Tammi, why don't you get us some refreshments?

Tammi obediently went to the kitchen to get some drinks for everyone.  Jason watched as she went over to the kitchen.

Jason, do you think our step sister is cute?

He just smiled.

Of course you do, all the guys who see hur do.  You know if you're nice maybe she'll be nice to you too.  She's real friendly.

Tammi got suspicious when she came back in the room with the drinks and everyone was smiling at hur.

C'mon Tammi, let's get some snacks for everyone.

Melanie grabbed hur skinny arm and brought hur back to the kitchen.

When they got back Jenn moved over and patted the spot on the couch between Jason and her.

Tammi, come and sit with us.

Tammi approached cautiously, not knowing what kind of trick this might be.

C'mon sweetie, hurry and sit down here.

Tammi sat down and Jenn immediately started playing with hur hair. 

Jason, doesn't Tammi have pretty hair?

Uh, yeah, it's real pretty.

And aren't hur lips so soft looking, like they'd be so nice to kiss?

Yeah, for sure.

Suddenly, Melanie grabbed Tammi from behind the couch.

You know what else hur mouth is good for?!

Tammi struggled to get away, but Jenn pushed hur into the couch.

Jason wants his cock sucked.  We told him you'd be glad to do it.

No, I don't want to do that.  Please don't make me, please.

Tammi's pleading only made everyone more turned on.

Jason got up and undid his pants letting them fall to the floor.  He stepped out of them, then looked over at Jenn.  "You sure this is cool right?"

Oh yeah, Tammi likes to pretend s/he's not a slut, but s/he loves sucking cock.  Don't you Tammi?!

No, I don't.  I won't do it.

Mel pulled hur hair hard, snapping hur head back. "Yes, you will slut.  Your gonna suck all the cocks we tell you to"

Jason was already rock hard as he straddled Tammi's face.  Tammi looked up at his balls and cock above hur.  S/he felt so repulsed and yet so turned on at the same time.  It didn't matter what Tammi wanted anyway because this was happening and s/he couldn't do anything to stop it.

Jason slowly lowered himself, closer and closer until Tammi could feel his body heat on hur face.  The skin on his cock was pulled tight and there was just a hint of precum on his pee slit.  He got closer still,  "Take it slut, take that hard cock"

No, I don't want to.  I'm a good gurl, I don't do those things.

Mel slapped hur face, then Jason began slapping hur with his cock.  "I said take it"

Jenn gave Tammi's belly a hard slap and s/he let out a loud sissy scream of pain.  Jason took the opportunity and slipped his hard prick into Tammi's mouth.

Mmm, Tammi immediately was loving the taste of hur first cock.  It was everything hur sissy mind had imagined it would be like.  Hur little sissy head was bobbing up and down on the hard cock.  All the practice s/he'd done with hur dildos was paying off because s/he didn't even gag when his cock hit hur throat.

Fuck, your sister sucks good cock!  Yeah, fucking good cock.

S/he loves it, don't you Tammi?!  You can tell s/he just loves it.

After a few minutes Jason started getting rougher and fucking Tammi's pretty face.  Hur pink lipstick was all over the base of Jason's cock and balls.  Tammi made some gurgling noises as s/he tried to keep up with his face fucking.

Suddenly Jason tensed up and let out a scream.  He pulled out just as he was cumming and a thick stream of jism stretched from Tammi's lips down onto hur chin.  A second gob shot out and hit hur in the forehead and dropped down across hur nose to hur lips.

Tammi couldn't believe how good his cum tasted.  S/he took his pulsing cock back in hur mouth and sucked hard getting every drop out of his balls with hur soft sissy hands.  Then she scooped up all the cum from hur face and licked it from hur fingers.

Fuck, you really are a slut like your sisters said.  I can hardly wait to tell the guys on the football team.  Can you forward me that?

It was then that Tammi noticed that Jenn had been filming hur the whole time.

Sure, I can send it to the whole team if you want.

No, just send it to me, I'm gonna show them tomorrow.

No, please don't do that!  Tammi begged.

To Be Continued.

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