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Tammi the Maid pt 4

Come and sit on the couch with us little sister.

Tammi was getting suspicious, the sisters were not usually this nice to hur.  S/he sat down between Jenn and Erika.  The girls kept looking at each other nervously, holding back laughter on their faces.

Jenn put her hand on Tammi's nylon stocking covered knee and Erika joined her on the other knee.  Their warm hands felt so soft and nice on Tammi's sensitive skin.  They stroked her thighs up and down, gliding over the silky nylon ever so gently.  Tammi instinctively spread hur legs and they stroked hur inner thighs.  Tammi closed hur eyes and began to relax.

There, isn't that nice sweetheart?

Mmm, yes, so nice.

Tammi's little clitty was hard under hur skirt.

The sister's hands were going higher and higher up hur skirt and Tammi's legs were opening wider and wider.

Tammi wanted them to touch hur clit so bad, but they kept teasing hur, stroking and rubbing hur thighs.

Lay back honey.

Tammi lay back with hur legs spread open wide.

That's it, just relax.

Suddenly the other girls were there too and they pinned Tammi down to the couch.

Weak little Tammi tried to struggle, but s/he was too much of a sissy wimp to get free.

They shoved the towel under Tammi's ass and Shauna pulled down hur panties and handed Erika some lube.  Tammi's ass was fully exposed as they held hur legs up with hur ankles up near hur ears.

Stop squirming slut, it's time you became a real gurl Tammi.  You're already an expert cock sucker, now you need to become the full slut you were meant to be.  You're going to learn to take it in your sissy cunt.

Erika lubed up a 4 inch vibrator and began making circles around Tammi's tight little virgin hole.

No, please don't do that to me.  I promise I'll be a good gurl.  I'll be your sissy slave.  Please...DON'T.

Honey, you already are our sissy slave.  This is part of your duties to entertain us.

Erika put the tip on Tammi's pink hole and gently pushed.  All the girls were shoving each other trying to get a better view as they watched Tammi losing hur virginity to a vibrator.

Tammi let out a gasp of half pleasure and half pain as the vibrator slowly opened hur up for the first time.  Erika was so gentle, giving Tammi's ass time to loosen and relax before going a little deeper.  When Tammi was opened up, she began to stroke that vibrator in and out slowly.

Tammi felt like hur insides were getting pulled in and out and it felt so good.  Hur tiny clit was rock hard and oozing juices.

That's it sissy, take that vibrator like a good little sissy gurl.  You're going to learn to cum from penetration.  You'd better learn because your little clitty is never going to get to touch anything again.

Look girls, s/he likes it.  I think you're going to make hur cum Erika.

Jenn put a dildo in Tammi's face and s/he began sucking it immediately, just as s/he'd been trained to do.

That's a good slut! Suck that cock while you get fucked up the ass.

Jenn shoved the dildo all the way into Tammi's throat and held it there a few seconds.  Tammi was so good at sucking cock now s/he could easily deep throat it without gagging.  The sensation in hur throat was amazing, it almost felt like hur throat was a cunt and when Jenn began working the dildo in and out it pushed Tammi over the edge and s/he came hard.  Hur little clitty pulsed as a driblet of cum shot out onto hur skirt that was pulled up on hur belly.  She let out an effeminate sissy scream as she came.

All the girls were laughing and Tammi opened hur eyes and saw that they'd been filming hur degrading act with their phones.  Tammi's face was bright red with embarrassment.

"Look what a mess you've made Tammi.  You stupid little cunt!"  They forced Tammi to remove hur skirt and lick hur own cum from it.  " I hope you didn't ruin that pretty skirt Tammi!"

After Tammi tried to get up and leave the room.

Where are you going sissy?  You're not done yet!

To Be Continued...

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