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Tammi the Maid pt 3

Tammi took to sucking cock right away, just like a true whore.  The hormones had erased most all traces of hur manhood and she was so sweet and demure, doing everything s/he was ordered to do.

The cock sucking practice became a regular item each night after hur chores were through.  And as most things happen, things escalated little by little as dirtier thoughts came out.  It wasn't long before poor Tammi was made to suck two and then three of Mother's dildos at the same time.

Tammi's jaw was so tired from opening up so big to take three cocks at once.  S/he tried pretending she didn't like doing it, but the feelings of being a slut burned within hur and hur hard clit always gave hur away as it pressed up against hur tight little silky panties.

Now that you mastered cock sucking Tammi, maybe we should bring you up to the next level.

Tammi stopped sucking the cocks for a moment to think what Jenn meant by that.

Don't stop sucking slut!  Did I say you could stop?!

No Mistress.

Tammi's head began bobbing up and down again on the cocks.

I bought you something at the drug store today Tammi.  It's going to help you in your new daily activities.

Jenn went to her bedroom and came back with a brown paper bag.  She reached in and pulled out a box with some flowers on it and held it in front of Tammi so s/he could see while she continued sucking cock.

It's an enima kit sweetheart.  That's right, I think you're ready to start getting that tight little gurl cunt used.  This kit is to be used twice daily so that your hole is squeeky clean.  Now I want you to run along to the bathroom and use it on yourself.

Tammi got up off the floor and Jenn handed the box to hur. 

Go on, run along and clean your cunt for us.

Tammi went to the bathroom and opened the box.  S/he read the instructions several times.

Hurry up in there Tammi, don't keep us waiting.  The girls giggled outside the door as they pressed their ears trying to hear.

Tammi wasn't sure if s/he should or not.  The last drop of manhood was telling hur not too, but the sisters were so much more powerful than s/he was.  S/he finally gave in and used it on hurself.  S/he felt so humiliated, douching hur ass cunt for their pleasure.

When she was done, she checked hur self with a  hand mirror.  It was true, the hormones had made hur balls shrink up into hur body so far that they left a camel toe and hur clit was a tiny hard nub.

She put hur lingerie back on, being careful not to snag hur nylons as they glided up hur smooth shaved legs.  S/he clipped them to hur garter belt and slipped on the matching panties to hur AA cup bra.  S/he put hur French maid outfit back on and made sure hur hair looked pretty as s/he reapplied hur lipstick since it all came off when s/he was sucking cock.

She opened the door and the sisters were there waiting.

Are you all cleaned up now Tammi?

"Yes Mistress Jennifer."  Tammi said as she looked down at the floor.

Good gurl. Now come back to the couch with us, oh and bring a bath towel with you as well.

Tammi was so nervous, s/he'd already douched hurself, how much more humiliating could this night get?

To Be Continued
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