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Tammi the Maid pt 1

Tammi looked so pretty and cute in hur lingerie.  She remembered when she was still a man, and tried to fight the female feelings washing through hur.

No, please don't make me wear this.  Please.  I feel so humiliated.  I don't want to.

Of  course you do dear.  You want so badly to please Mommy, don't you?  This pleases me and so you will do it.

Tammi used to be Tommy.  He was a mean bully, until his step mother and step sisters got through with him.
 They forced poor Tommy to dress up like a girl.  They'd do his hair and makeup.  They made him do lots of cardio exercises to make him skinny and then they started giving him hormones.  Before long Tommy was Tammi.

All hur sisters laughed at hur and Mommy was so mean.  They'd make Tammi wear a french maid outfit and cook and clean the house.  S/he cursed the day hur father abandoned hur and left hur with step mother.

Poor Tammi had to do all the laundry too.  Hur step sisters would make hur lick their dirty panties clean with hur tongue before washing them.  S/he claimed to hate it, but hur girl clit would stand out when she did this and the sisters would tease hur and tell hur how much she loved doing it.

No, I don't!  You're all so mean.

The sisters would come home horny from their dates with boys.  They never let the real boys do more than heavy petting.  Their panties would be so wet when they got home.  Poor Tammi would be forced to lick them clean.  One night one of the sisters wanted more and demanded Tammi lick her vagina.  Tammi tried to run away, but the girls grabbed hur and held hur down on the couch.  Then Jessica lifted her skirt and lowered her clean shaved pussy onto Tammi's face.

Tammi squirmed and tried not to, but Jess ground her pussy into his face leaving it shiny from her juices.  The sisters slapped and pinched Tammi hard until s/he screamed out in pain.  Tammi was such a sissy, s/he got overpowered by the girls.  S/he gave in and started licking Jess' pussy.

Mmmm, that feels so good.  You lick so well Tammi.  You lick me only the way another woman could because you know what it feels like to be a girl, don't you sweetheart?  It wasn't long until she climaxed on Tammi's face.  The girls all laughed when they looked down and saw poor Tammi's pathetic gurl clit all swollen and stiff in hur panties.

"Look s/he's wet!", they pointed at the big glob of wetness oozing from poor Tammi's gurl clit.  "Aw, that means s/he likes it".  They all laughed and Tammi's face got red and flushed.

It's OK Tammi, there's plenty more where that came from.

The girls all took turns sitting on Tammi's face while the others held hur weak sissy arms and legs down.

To Be Continued
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