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Tammi the Maid pt 2

For months Tammi's mean step sisters forced hur to eat their cunts almost every night when Mother was out.  The scenario would often be the same each time.  Tammi would be forced to cook and clean while the sisters watched TV or played with their phones.  After Tammi was done cleaning up the dishes she would come into the living room to watch TV and the girls would pin hur down.  It wasn't very hard to hold Tammi down because s/he was such a weak sissy wimp.  The girls laughed at hur and thought it was hilarious that s/he was so weak.  It turned them on knowing that they could force Tammi to do whatever they wanted.

One night after Tammi had satisfied all the sisters twice each with hur tongue, Jennifer got a wicked thought in her head.  "Keep the slut pinned down", she said as she left the room.

Tammi struggled, but as usual was too much of a wimp to get away.

Jenn came back with her hands behind her back and said she had a special surprise for Tammi.

Tammi was curious, but tried to pretend s/he wasn't.

Jenn teased Tammi, saying s/he was going to love it and that s/he'd be made into a real gurl.

Then she put her hands in front of her and showed she was holding an eight inch pink dildo.

Tammi gasped and tried to get away again.  S/he felt repulsed.  It wasn't humiliating enough that they'd forced hur to dress up like a girl, but now they had a rubber cock out and were planning to do who knew what with it.

No, please don't do whatever you're planning to do.  I don't want to.  I'm a man.

The girls all burst into laughter at that statement.

You haven't been a man for a long time Tammi.  Your cock has shrunk down to a nub since the hormone treatments began and your balls went up into your body.  You even have nice little AA cup titties.

No, I'm a man.

Then why can't you get away?  Hmm, why are you so weak?  Because you're a pathetic little sissy wimp, that's why.  And now I'm going to show you what happens to sissy wimps.

Jenn slapped Tammi's face with the rubber cock.  She rubbed it all over poor Tammi's face.  Tammi tried to struggle and kept turning her head away from the dildo, but it wasn't any use.

Open your mouth bitch, open those pretty soft feminine lips and take this cock, slut.

Tammi kept hur lips tight as Jenn rubbed the cock on hur lips like a lip balm, smearing Tammi's pretty red lipstick all over hur face.

The sisters began slapping and pinching poor Tammi until s/he finally opened hur mouth to let out a scream of pain.  Jenn was ready and shoved the dildo in Tammi's mouth.

Suck it slut! 

Jenn began working that cock into Tammi's mouth. The other sisters were fingering themselves as they watched poor Tammi getting converted into a cock sucking slut.

Look Tammi's clit is hard! 

All the girls laughed at Tammi's pathetic hard gurl clit straining against the silky material of hur panties.

You see Tammi, you really like this.  Isn't that right?  Now I'm going to hold the cock and I want YOU to work it with your mouth.

Tammi resisted, but the girls began slapping and pinching hur again until she did as s/he was told.

They put a pillow under Tammi's head so s/he had a better angle.  Tammi began to suck that cock, working farther and farther into hur mouth with each stroke.

That's it Tammi, that's a good gurl.  Suck that cock.

The sisters were having powerful orgasms playing with themselves as they watched poor Tammi getting better and better and cock sucking.

After a few minutes of sucking, Jenn pulled the cock out of Tammi's mouth.

Don't forget to stop and lick the head and shaft once in a while slut.

Tammi put out hur tongue and licked the shaft slowly up and down, then snaked hur tongue around the head of the cock before letting it slowly slide back into hur mouth.

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