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Yes Mistress pt 13

Brandi's humiliation had only just begun.  Hur pretty face was all wet with the first sister's pussy juices, but the second sister couldn't wait to have her snatch eaten so she straddled Brandi's face immediately.  This sister was a lot more forceful, grinding her cunt into Brandi's mouth.

Lick it slut, lick my cunt!  Fucking sissy, eat it good!

Brandi could barely keep up as hur face was used as a masturbation device.  The two sister's juices mixed on Brandi's pretty face and tongue.  If Brandi had any man left in hur she would have got up off hur knees and bent the girl over to ram that hard cock into her cunt, but Brandi was too much of a weak sissy to do those things.

The first sister watched on with delight as her sister used the sissy for pleasure.  She unbuttoned her sister's blouse and undid her bra letting her smallish tits be free.  Everyone watched as she started to massage her breasts slowly.  The younger sister, Jenna was really enjoying the sensation of having her cunt licked while her sister Kelly played with her tits.

Kelly that feels so good.

I know Jenna, I know exactly what you like don't I little sister?

Mmm, yes.  S/he licks my pussy as good as you!

I know right?!  Is s/he going to make you cum baby sister?

Oh yes, hur tongue feels so fucking good on my cunt, so good!

Kelly lowered her mouth to her sister's tits and began to suckle gently on her nipple while she rolled the other nipple in her finger tips.

The sensation sent Jenna over the edge and she came hard on sissy Brandi's face.

Veronica looked delighted at what had happened and to have learned the tawdry details of the two sister's home life.  It reminded her of the experimentation she had done with her own sister as well.  She turned her head to Patricia the sales girl.


Oh, no I shouldn't I'm on duty.  I really shouldn't.  But if it makes the client happy, who am I to refuse, right?

Patty lifted her skirt to reveal a wonderful display of fine lingerie.  She had on silky stockings held up by a beautiful white garter belt and matching panties.  She could see the reaction of everyone in the room.

Well, I do work in the lingerie department, remember?!

Brandi, service Patricia here.

Veronica took Patty's hand and lead her in front of the mulitangle mirror in the corner.

Why don't we have you stand here?

Brandi knelt between her legs and looked up at Patty's panty covered crotch.  Hur clit was so hard from all the pussy eating it actually hurt.  S/he pulled down Patty's panties and slowly ran hur hands up and down her legs.  Patty moaned a little and spread her legs a bit more.

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