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Yes Mistress Pt 14

Patty was enjoying the cunt licking she was receiving so much.  She moaned loudly; loud enough that the people outside the dressing room must have heard.

"Brandi dear lay down on the floor and let Patty squat over your face." Veronica ordered.

Brandi obediently did as s/he was told, laying face up on the floor.

Patty squatted over Brandi's face and the licking proceeded again.  Around and around Brandi's tongue went on Patty clit and slit.  Veronica came up and began massaging Patty's tits which caused her to cum.  Unfortunately for Brandi, it also caused her to squirt some pee in hur face.

"Lick it up slut" Veronica ordered.  "Look what you've done, you've made poor Patty pee.  Now clean up the mess you've made with your tongue."

But, but I don't want to do that, that's disgusting.

You dare refuse my order?  You fucking ungrateful little slut.

Slap!  Veronica's hand came down across Brandi's cheek.

Brandi immediately proceeded to lick the urine from Patty's thighs and scoop up the droplets from hur own face and lick it up.

That's better sissy.  Don't you ever refuse my orders.  How embarrassing!  Now strip down naked and try on these items.

Veronica handed some panties and bras to Brandi.

But everyone will see my tits Mommy.

That's all right, it's just us girls in here.

Yes Mother.

For the next half hour poor Brandi was forced to perform a fashion show for the ladies.  S/he was made to try on lots and lots of different bras and panties and strut all around the dressing room in hur six inch heels while ladies laughed and commented on hur being such a sissy.  Brandi felt so humiliated and it didn't help that hur clit was so hard.  Some of the women would motion for hur to come over and inspect the lingerie and pat hur little clit or rub hur nipples through the silky materials.

I'm growing tired now Brandi, I think it's time I brought you back home.  Hand your new bras and panties to Patty now.

Brandi had folded hur new items up neatly the way a good sissy maid would do.  She handed them to Patty.  S/he felt relieved that the humiliation was finally coming to an end and s/he could go back and hide at Veronica's house.

"Oh, I almost forgot one thing before we leave dear." Veronica said.

She reached in her purse and pulled out a large pink dildo and handed it to Brandi.

This is Brandi's favorite dildo from home.

All the women laughed while looking at it and then at Brandi.

S/he likes having that big cock fill hur hole, don't you Brandi.

No, that's not mine!  No please don't, I'm so ashamed.

Get down on your knees and open your pretty little mouth.  I want you to show the ladies what a good little cock sucker you are.

Brandi got on hur knees and Veronica grabbed the back of hur head and yanked it back hard by hur hair while thrusting the cock into Brandi's mouth.  S/he gagged at first, but quickly recovered.

Suck it slut, suck that cock like a cheap whore.

Brandi's head was bobbing up and down on the dildo.  It was true, s/he really was good at cock sucking.  S/he'd taken to it like a duck to water, taking it further and further down hur throat.

All the women laughed and made comments about Brandi's cock sucking abilities.

That's not all s/he can do with it girls.  Isn't that right Brandi?  You also like it in your other hole, don't you?

Veronica pulled a second dildo from her purse and held it in front of Brandi's face.

Lick it slut.

Brandi's greedy little mouth tried to take both dildos at once, but they were too big so s/he went back and forth licking and sucking them one at a time.

When it was lubed up enough Veronica took the dildo and pushed Brandi down on all fours.  She pulled down hur panties.

Spread that ass slut.

Brandi reached back and spread hur ass cheeks exposing hur little rose bud hole.
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