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Yes Mistress Pt 3

Brad immediately moved forward and nuzzled Veronica's panty covered crotch.  Her scent was intoxicating and caused his already hard cock to swell even more.

That's it Brian, nuzzle Mommy's cunt like a good little sissy.

Veronica rubbed her steamy crotch on his face.

Brad tried to stick his tongue out and Veronica slapped his face hard leaving a red patch.

"No!  Don't you do it til I say bitch!" she said as she wagged her finger at him.

She walked backed to her desk and sat down leaving Brad there on the floor with his hard cock painfully constricted in the wrong direction in the chastity belt.

She started working at her computer again as if nothing had happened at all, as if Brad wasn't even there.

Mommy?  Please Mommy.

Oh, you're still here?  I almost forgot.  I was going to do something, wasn't I?

The key ma'am, the key for the belt.

Key?  Oh yes, that's right.  I'm sure I must have it around here somewhere.

She fumbled around in her upper desk drawers as Brad enjoyed the view up her skirt.  Then she squatted down and spread her long legs as she looked in the bottom drawer.  She pretended not to notice Brad staring at her crotch like some sort of starved animal looking at a steak.

Oh here it is, all the way in the back.

She leaned forward giving Brad a great view down her blouse of her bra covered tits.  His poor cock was in terrible pain now.

She twirled the key around her finger a few times.

I wonder if this is the right one?  Let me think.  No, this isn't it.

She started at square one again, looking in the top drawers with her legs open just enough so he could see the top of her stockings.

After several minutes of this she finally decided to give him the key.

Oh, you know what?  I think it was this one after all.  What do you know?!  Isn't that funny?!

She tossed the key past Brad into the corner of the room. "Fetch, go get the key bitch"

Brad went over on all fours to the corner and retrieved the key.  Then he turned and looked up at Veronica sitting at her desk.  She nodded her OK for him to unlock the belt.

His hands were shaking and he could barely get the key in the lock, but he managed.

As soon as the belt came off, he felt a huge sense of relief as his cock stood up and gave his belly a slap.

He felt like jacking off immediately, but hadn't even imagined what he would do once the belt came off.  His only goal had to get the dang thing off of him, not what he'd do after it was off.

You look confused Brian.  Let me give your inferior brain some direction.  I want you to come back over to Mommy and nuzzle me under my desk while I finish my work.

Brad crawled over to her and shoved his face into her panty covered crotch again.  He began stroking his cock, but Veronica caught him and slapped him hard, causing the red patch on his face to reappear, only this time it was brighter.

You don't do that unless Mommy says it's Ok!

Yes Mommy.

Now go sit right there.

Brad sat down at the side of her desk where she'd pointed.

Now I have something for you.  It should be a piece of cake, even for a wimp like you.

She reached in her desk and pulled something out and tossed it at Brad.

A black rubber butt plug bounced on the carpet near his face.

Put it in.

Brad looked up at her with the saddest face.

No, please don't make me do that, please.

I said put it in!  Now!

Brad picked it up and was about to insert it in his ass when she stopped him.

You might want to use some lube.

She tossed some lube to him and he lubed up the plug.

Put some lube on your fingers.

He did it.

Now finger your own ass.

But, I don't want to do that, that's disgusting.

You want to keep your house?  Want a chance at getting what's her face back?  Better start fingering that ass!

Brad put a finger in slowly stretching his tight hole open and to his surprise liked the sensation.

"Looks like you like it, don't you sissy?!  I can tell!"  She said, pointing at his stiff cock.

He felt so humiliated fingering his own ass in front of his boss.

That's it, that's a good sissy.  Finger fuck your own ass like a sissy slut.

Veronica was enjoying this very much.

Now put another figner in at the same time.  Go on, I want to see two fingers up that ass.

Brad shoved another finger in, stretching his ass open wider.

Soon Veroncia was demanding he get four fingers in at once.

He wasn't able to do it as it hurt too much.

Aw, poor baby.  Perhaps Mommy was pushing you too hard.  I know just what to do.  You need to put that plug up your ass.

Brad had almost forgotten all about the butt plug.  He picked it up and worked it into his swollen ass hole.

Then Veroncica threw something at him.  It was another chastity belt.  This one was like a thong.

That's gonna keep that plug up your ass til I give you the key to take it off.

Brad put the belt on and locked it.

Good sissy.  Clean yourself up and go home now.
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