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Yes Mistress Pt 2

Brad's brain was in shock.  He didn't even remember driving home.  All weekend, his mind was fixated on Veronica's panty covered cunt.  Her scent mixed with expensive perfume had put a spell on him.  His poor cock was constantly stiff, but there was nothing he could do about it.  His underwear kept getting precum on it from his constant arousal.

He'd never thought of himself as submissive in any way, yet here he was, turned on beyond belief by his encounter at the office Friday night.  He wondered what lay in store for him on Monday.

The chastity belt was painful on his stiff cock, but he quickly got used to it and to peeing sitting down.  It was strange to sit down and pee and then have to dab at his penis after with toilet tissue rather than just shaking his cock.  It all made him feel so feminine and weak and knowing Veronica had forced him to do these things was somehow a turn on as well.  She wasn't even there and yet she was in complete control of him, right down to his bodily functions.

Monday at work he wasn't sure what to expect.  Veronica came in a little late and walked right past his desk as if she didn't even know him.  Had she forgotten already?  Was that experience so little and meaningless to her that she had not given it any thought?

Every time her office door opened, Brad's head would snap around and look, but he was never called over or even aknowledged.

The day came and went and Brad slowly packed his things at the end of the day, thinking he'd be called into Veronica's office.  After lollygagging for ten mintues, he gave up and started to leave when he heard her office door open up.  There was female laughter from the doorway as Melissa, Veronica's secretary said something as she walked out and closed the door.  She looked his way and Brad thought he saw a smirk on her face, but wasn't sure.

Oh, Brad, you're still here?  Is there something you needed?

Oh, um.  No.  Is Veronica still here?

No, she's gone for the day.

But I thought I just heard her laughing with you.

No, as far as you're concerned she is gone for the day.  Don't disturb her.

But, I wanted to ask her somethi...

Uh, uh!  It's been a long day for Ms Sutton.  You go on home Brad, whatever it is can wait til morning.

But, but...

Melissa's stern look told Brad he shouldn't question her and he didn't want to get her in any trouble so he gave up.

Have a good night Melissa.

OK, thanks, you too.

The rest of the week went the same way with Veronica ignoring poor Brad every day.

Finally on Thursday, Melissa was walking out and walked past Brad's desk almost all the way to the elevators.  She stopped and turned around.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you Brad, Veronica asked me to send you in to her office before you leave tonight.

He tried to hide his excitement, "Oh, OK, thanks, I'll head over before I leave."

"Finally!", Brad thought to himself.  The belt was starting to really chafe him.

Brad knocked on the office door.  He could hear Veronica on the phone inside, but not what was being said.

He waited for what seemed like over a minute and there was no answer so he knocked again.  There was no answer, just a female voice in conversation.  It sounded casual as there was some laughter.  Just when he was about to knock again he heard Veronica again.


Uh, it's me Ms Sutton.  Brad, uh Bradley.


Uh Bradley, Bradley Porter from the G2 projections group.

Oh, Bradley!  Sure come on in.

He opened the door and walked in.

Veronica sat at her desk doing something on her computer and ignoring him.

He walked up to the other side of her desk and stood there, waiting to be invited to sit.

She took her time.  The finally looked at him with a blank but stern condescending look, then turned back to the computer screen.

Yes, Brandon, was there something you needed?

Oh, uh, it's Bradley Ma'am.  I was told you wanted to see me?

Oh?  Oh, yes, that's correct.  You're on the G2 projections group, correct?

Yes Ma'am.

Do you have the sales projection for Q4 of next half?

Not yet Ma'am.  We haven't gotten that far along yet.  We still need a few numbers.

I see, well then you are dismissed.  Thank you Brian.

Um, Brad Ma'am.

Right Bradley.  Thank you Bradley, you may go home now.

Thank you Ma'am.  Um, uh, Ma'am, I did have a question.

Without looking up, she asked "Yes?  What is it Brian?  I'm quite busy right now."

Ma'am, last Friday...about last Friday night.

Yes, What about last Friday night?

Ma'am you had me put on an "article of clothing".  Brad gestured making quote signs with his fingers.

Article of clothing?  What on Earth are you talking about?

The chasitity belt ma'am, I'm still wearing it.

Veronica finally looked over at him, "Chastity belt?  Hmm.  Oh yes, that's right."

She looked back at her computer again. "I'd forgotten all about it. You may remove it now."

I don't have the key Ma'am.

Well, Why the  hell not?  Do you expect me to do everything for you?  Am I your Mommy?

No Ma'am.

"Perhaps I'll have you call me "mother" from now since you're such a sissy momma's boy." She said laughing.

Yes, ma'am.


I mean, yes mother.

That's better sissy.

May I have the key to the belt ma'am, mother, ma'am.

Veronica smirked, she was enjoying her complete domination over this cuck.  It hadn't even taken all that long to break him.

You're such a cry baby.  How long have you been wearing that thing?

Almost a week ma'am, I mean Mother.

That's nothing.  Any wimp could handle that!  And any real man would have taken it off long ago.  Actually a real man would never have put it on in the first place.

You look anxious Brian.  Are you in pain right now?  Is it because you've gotten an erection?

Brad suddenly realized his cock was indeed hard again.

Yes mother.

Yes mother what?

"Yes, mother, I have an erection." he said with his face beet red from embarrassment.

Tsk, I can imagine that might be painful in that belt.  Too bad.

Please, the belt is starting to chafe my skin.

"Oh, poor baby!"  She said taunting Brad.  "Why don't you beg for mommy?  Maybe you can convince me of how bad you want the belt off."

Please mommy, please take the belt off for me.

Why should I?

I promise, I'll be good.  I'll do whatever you want, please mommy please.

Veronica was really enjoying breaking this cuck sissy.  She stood up and pointed with her manicured finger, signaling Brad to kneel before her.

He obediently kneeled down with his hands clasped in front of him.

This looks familiar.  Oh yes, now I remember.  You've done this before haven't you Brian.

Yes, ma'am, mother.

Get down on all fours like a dog.

Brad got down immediately.

Veronica's pussy was boiling from the power lust she was feeling having wimpy Bradley follow her every command.  She pulled up her $1200 skirt and revealed her garter belt with matching panties and band top nylons.  She curled her finger, motioning Brad to come forward.

"Nuzzle up to Mommy's cunt." she said pointing at the moistened crotch of her panties.

More to Cum....

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