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Yes Mistress Pt 4

Brad was barely able to walk back to his desk to get his things because his stiff cock hurt so much in the belt.  Every time he took a step the butt plug was just the right length to stimulate his prostate, causing his cock to surge.

He took the back way to the bus stop in case any of his coworkers were still around.  Once again, he couldn't think of anything but Veronica's panty covered cunt and nylon covered legs.  He was in considerable pain all the way home.

When he got home he tried playing with his cock, but all he could do was rub at the head through the pee slit of the belt.  It felt good, but he felt so frustrated that he couldn't stroke his cock like usual.  He was actually used to sexual frustration though.  Despite being married to a knock out like Erica, he hadn't been getting any action at all, so he was quite used to getting himself off.  She was a cold fish in bed.  Most times, she'd just have him pleasure her orally, then go to sleep after, leaving him sitting there with a hard on.  In fact he still hadn't been able to fully consummate their marriage.  Erica always told him that she would give herself fully when they were ready to try for children.  Still, he loved her and enjoyed eating her cunt even if that was the only sex he'd get out of her.  His sexual highlights with her were that once a year on special occasions like his birthday Erica would give him a hand job after he'd pleasured her orally.  He was also banned from looking at porn although he was occasionally allowed to masturbate while looking at Erica when she was getting dressed or undressed.

Brad tried to get his mind off Veronica, Erica and anything sexual, so he looked through the mail.  He found his bills.  He crunched the numbers in his head and it looked bad.  With the pay cuts he'd taken, he would still be coming up short every month.  The credit card bill showed that Erica was still shopping and dining out in the area, so at least he knew she was still around.  He wondered who she was with and where she might be.  Brad decided the best course of action would be to try and hold out for the contract at work to go through, then he'd get his full pay back.  If he emptied his savings account, he figured he'd be able to cover the payments this month.

The stress made his cock soft and he felt some physical relief.  He was hungry, but decided he better not eat anything in case it might make him want to use the toilet.  He went to bed, tired, hungry and horny.

The next day he woke up hard again.  He tried to masturbate again, but couldn't.  That bitch had total control of poor Brad's cock and now his ass too.

At work he was ignored all day again.  He was in considerable pain, so when Melissa was the last one there again, he couldn't wait any longer and went up to her desk.

Yes Brad?  If you need pens or something, I've already locked the supply closet for the day and you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh, uh, ha, um no.

Brad, what is it with you lately?  You act like you have a stick up your ass.

He thought he saw her smirk when she said that, but wasn't sure.

Well?  Speak up Brad!  Hello?!

I, I, uh need to see Veronica.

Brad dear, she's asked not to be disturbed.  I'm sure she has a lot on her plate right now, probably best to wait until tomorrow.

"NO!"  Brad almost shouted in desperation.

Excuse me?!  What is with you Brad?

I'm sorry, it's just, well, it's kind of urgent.

Oh, alright, I suppose I could ask her if she has a moment.

Thank you so much.

Melissa knocked on Veronica's office door, then went in, closing the door behind her.

Brad could hear them talking inside, but not what was being said.  There was some laughter and more talking.  This went on for ten minutes while Brad waited patiently outside.  Finally the door opened and Melissa came out.

"Oh, Brad!  I forgot you were out here!", she said laughingly.

Veronica doesn't want any visitors today, you'll have to try tomorrow.

The look on Brad's face must have been hilarious because Melissa started laughing hysterically.

Just kidding Brad, calm down.  She'll see you now.

Melissa led Brad inside and turned to leave.

"Melissa." Veronica said.


Can you stay a moment, I still need a few things.

Oh, OK, no problem.  I'll be at my desk.

Very good, I'll call you when I'm ready.

Melissa went back out, closing the door behind her.

Brian, what can I do for you?

Oh, it's Brad Ma'am.  I uh, I need the key; you know for the belt.

Key?  Belt?

Not this again, thought Brad.

"Yes, the key for the belt, I need it to unlock myself." he said as he began unbuttoning his pants.

You are a being pushy little prick aren't you Bob?

Brad suddenly remembered his bills at home and his standing with Veronica.  She could fire him on a whim and no one would care.  He'd lose everything.  He decided to play along.

I'm sorry ma'am.  It's just that I'm in a lot of pain and I tried to wait, but I need to get it off.

That may be a fact Brian.  But how is that any of my concern?  Why should I care?  Is that how you address a person you want a favor from?

No Ma'am.  I, uh.  Please may I have the key to the belt?

Who are you addressing Brian?

Please may I have the key... Mother?

NO, no you may not.

Get on your knees and beg like a wimpy sissy.

Brad got down on his knees and begged.

Please Mommy, please give me the key.

No.  I think you need to be taught a lesson in humility.  You were very rude and you need punishment.

Veronica's manicured fingernail pushed down on the intercom button, "Melissa, would you come in here please?"

Be right there.

Oh and bring your phone please.


Brad tried to get up, but the door opened before he had a chance.  Melissa almost started laughing when she saw poor Brad on his knees in front of Veronica.

He really is a wimp, just like you told me Veronica!

Brad couldn't believe his ears.  He wondered who else knew, and how much did Veronica tell them?

 Brian, I want you to remove your trousers and show pretty Melissa what you're wearing under them.

What?!  No, please!  PLEASE!  I'll do what you want, I just, please, no.

I guess you want to lose your house, is that it Brian, you don't want your house any more?

No, I can't lose the house, it's all I have left.  All I have left.  Please don't make me.  Mommy please!

Melissa burst into laughter when she heard him call Veronica "Mommy".

OMG, what a wimp!  Did he really just say that?!

Yes, Brian is a wimp through and through.  He certainly isn't a real man at all.  Now, take off your pants and show Melissa dear.

He looked at Veronica with pleading eyes.

"Go on now Brian, take them off, I want to see.  I promise I won't laugh."  Melissa said.

Brad looked at them both as he undid his pants and paused for a second hoping it would all stop before dropping them.

Melissa burst into laughter again.  "I'm sorry Brian, I mean Bradley.  It's just so funny!  I've never seen anything like that, I mean, you're such a wimp."

Isn't he?!  But you haven't even seen everything yet, just you wait!  Brian why don't you remove your belt too.

Veronica tossed the key to him.

Brad felt so humiliated, but he wanted that dang belt off so bad.  He put the key in the lock and turned it, then took the lock off the clasp.

He couldn't even look the ladies in the face he felt so embarrassed as he slowly removed the belt.

"Ha ha!  Look his pathetic penis is rock hard!"  Melissa said while pointing at Brad's hard cock.

And wait til you see what else is going on down there Melissa!  Bend over and show Melissa what you've done to yourself.

Brad hesitated in resistance.

Go on Brian, show her.  SHOW HER NOW!  Little bitch!

Brad bent forward and spread his ass cheeks revealing the butt plug to Melissa.

Ha ha!  I can't believe any of this!  What a wimp!

My ass, my ass is so ss ssore ma'am.  May I please remove the plug?

I suppose it would be alright with me Brain, but there is another lady in the room.  You need to ask her as well, after all you are subservient to ALL women, aren't you wimp?

Yes, ma'am.

He turned to Melissa and asked if he could remove the plug again.


Veronica whispered something in Melissa's ear which seemed to please her as her face lit up.  Then Melissa turned to Brad and said, "No, you may not remove it yet.  Instead I want you to humiliate yourself further.  Why don't you masturbate in front of us.  Don't you cum though.

Please don't make me do that.  Haven't you humiliated me enough?

No, you do as you were told Brian or it's no more house for you.

Brad put his hand on his cock and began stroking it, but Veronica came over and slapped him hard.

Don't stroke it!  That's only for real men to do!  You're a sissy, rub it like a gurl.

Brad lay his hand flat and rubbed his cock with his finger tips the way a woman would rub her clit.

That's it, that's a good gurl.  Rub that clitty like a sissy slut.

To Be Continued

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