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Yes Mistress pt 1

A few months ago Bradley had been the picture of success.  He had the big house, a Lexus in the driveway and of course a beautiful wife.  From the outside his life seemed so perfect.  The reality though, was that he'd bought in above his head.  The real estate bubble brought his finances to the brink of bankruptcy.  Soon the luxury car was repossessed and everything that could be sold was gone.  He still had Erica and the house though and he vowed he was not going to lose those, no matter what.

At work he began to notice that things were not going well either.  The rumors were all around, lay offs and cuts.  Everyone was panicking, what would happen?  Veronica from corporate HQ had been transferred there a few months ago and word was she was there to slash budgets and get the division profitable again.  She had a reputation as a ball buster.  Everyone at the office was kissing her ass hoping to keep their jobs.

Then came black Friday.  Pink slips were waiting on people's desks when they walked in.  Brad's desk had a letter as well.  He sat down and took a deep breath as he listened to the sobbing and consoling going on in the cubes around him.  He just sat there thinking about what this might mean to him and Erica.  They'd lose the house for sure.  With everything gone, would she leave too?

His hands were shaking as he opened the envelope.  To his relief, he didn't see blue inside (pink slips were always on blue papers at this place).  He took the letter out and read it.  It basically said that the company was doing cuts and that people should be respectful of their coworkers.  His department was primarily safe because they were currently working on a project.

When he got home he wasn't sure what to tell Erica or even if he should tell her anything.  He decided to wait and see how things went in the near future.

A few weeks passed and with the smaller staff, everyone got to know Veronica a lot better.  Her reputation as a hard ass was well deserved.  Gone were many of the perks that they'd become used to in the office.  Snacks, bottled waters, espresso, even the gym memberships got cancelled.

Late on a Thursday, Erica came storming into the office.  She walked right past Brad's desk and gave him the evil eye.  He got up and started following her, trying not to make a scene.  She got to Veronica's secretary and said something, then was immediately let into the office.  Not wanting anyone to notice Brad hung back and watched.  She was in there for about a half hour and by then Brad had returned to his desk.  Erica walked up to Brad and she actually looked happy.  She told him not to worry and that she'd taken care of everything and would explain tonight when he got home.

That night, she told him how her personal trainer at the gym, Eugene, had told her about all the layoffs at Brad's work and that the rumor was that Brad's team was to be let go this Friday.  Erica decided to get a jump on everyone else and had gone down there to plead their case with Veronica before she'd made her final decisions.  Veronica had told Erica that Brad was indeed to be laid off on Friday.  Erica told Veronica about their financial situation and how they were basically barely keeping afloat.  It seemed that Erica's tears had melted a soft spot into Veronica somehow, because she agreed not to fire Brad, but he'd have to take a severe pay cut.  Doing the math, they figured they'd be able to keep up the house payments and he'd have to bring lunch everyday and take the bus to work which meant he'd be walking almost two miles to the bus stop each day.  He didn't like it, but there was really nothing else he could do, there just were no other jobs around that would pay even what he'd be getting after the cut.

Erica and Brad were OK at first, but Erica was used to being able to buy cute clothes and just about anything she'd wanted.  Now her life wasn't much fun anymore.  They began to fight about money almost daily.  Eugene got her a job at the gym as the towel girl, doing the laundry twice a week.  By doing this she was able to keep her membership going for free and make a small amount of money, which helped out a lot.  The happiness didn't last long though.

One day Brad came home from work and Erica wasn't home.  When he went upstairs he noticed the dresser drawers were dumped and closet was open and all her things were gone.  There was a note that basically said she couldn't take it anymore and needed to get away.  It didn't say where she went or when she'd be back.  Brad was angry and hurt, but there was nothing he could do.  He tried calling her, but she never answered.  That bitch, she's probably over at Eugene's place right now, sucking his cock and fucking him!

Things got worse.  Everyone at work hated Brad because in their eyes he'd snaked his way into staying at his job and Marcy, a pregnant woman had been fired instead and lost her insurance.   Because of that she'd lost her home too and was now living with her husband and family in her parents garage.  He felt so alone and sad.

Veronica called him into her office at the end of the week before he took off.  He was the last one there, but she told him to shut the door behind him.

Sit down Bradley.

He sat in the chair.

Brad, I think you're  a fine worker.  You've done well by this company.

Thank you Ms. Sutton.

Well, don't thank me Brad.  I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news for you.  It seems that corporate is asking for yet another round of lay offs.  I'm sorry, but you are going to have to be let go.

No, please!  I'll lose my house.  It's the only thing I have left.  Erica left me, I've got nothing.

Veronica seemed to have a slight smirk on her face, although he wasn't sure.

Please, Ms Sutton, I'll do anything, anything.  I'll work harder.  I'll work 15 hours a day.  I'll do the work of three people.

Brad, you just don't understand, do you?  There is just no money left in the budget.  Even if I kept you you'd need to take yet another pay cut.

I'll do it, I'll take another cut.

It would need to be severe Brad.  Are you sure that's what you want?

Yes, please.  I need this.

There are lots of other people working here who deserve this just as much as you do Bradley.

I know and I appreciate this so much.

Ah, ah Bradley.  I didn't say you had the job yet.

What? I don't understand.

Brad, you grovel very well.  Why don't you get on your knees and beg for your job?  Go on, get down there and beg.

Brad was shocked at this request.  WTF?  He resisted at first, but then realized he was powerless and if this is what it took, he'd do it.

Brad knelt on the floor and clasped his hands in front of him and looked up at Veronica in her fancy office chair.

Go on, beg.

Please may I have the job?

You're going to have to do better than that Bradley, MUCH better.  Perhaps if you were on all fours, you know like a dog.  Yes, let's try that, shall we?

Brad hated this, but resisted the urge to get up and leave.  He got down on all fours and was now looking directly up Veronica's skirt.  He could see her two hundred dollar panties up past her smooth stocking covered creamy legs.

Brad, are you trying to see up my skirt?  You little perverted twit!  I should fire you right on the spot!

No!  Please I wasn't trying to, I mean, I wouldn't.  Uh, NO, please!

"Are you saying you don't find me attractive Bradley?"  Veronica asked, toying with her prey.

No, I mean yes.  I mean, I think you're attractive.

So then you were trying to see up my skirt?

No, Yes.

Well, what is it?  Yes or No Bradley?  It's a simple question.

Bradley answered meekly in a barely audible level, "yes, I was trying to look up your skirt maam."

There, now that wasn't so hard now was it?  All I wanted was the truth.  So that means that you find me attractive doesn't it Bradley.

Yes ma'am. 

Brad suddenly realized it'd been weeks since he'd even thought about anything sexual.  He also realized that his cock was rock hard in his pants.

Veronica stood up from her chair and pulled her skirt up revealing her panties and a pretty garter belt holding up her stockings.  Is this what you wanted to see Bradley?  I bet it was.

In all his stress, Brad had failed to notice how truly hot Veronica was.  She had long brown hair, a very pretty face and a nice figure.

She walked closer to him and stood with her legs spread shoulder width.  Her panty covered cunt was inches from his face.  He wanted to taste her so badly at this moment.  She inched forward and shoved her crotch right in his face.

I bet you want that pussy, don't you Bradley?

Yes, ma'am.

Who's pussy do you want Bradley?

Your pussy ma'am.

That's a good boy.

Brad tried to put his hands on Veronica's legs, but she slapped him hard in the face.

"Don't you touch me unless I tell you bitch!"  She scolded, wagging her finger in his face.

Brad looked up at her obediently.

Veronica walked back to her desk, opened a drawer and pulled something out.  She tossed it on the floor in front of Brad.

Put it on.

Brad looked down and realized it was a chastity belt for men.

Brad hesitated.

I guess you don't want your job then.  I guess you don't want to keep that house of yours or any chance of getting Erica back at all.  Is that right?

No, I'll do it, I'll do it.  Please don't fire me.

Brad stood up and slowly undid his pants.  When he pulled his underwear down, Veronica leaned forward in her chair to get a better look.  She smirked again, seeing his hard prick.  Brad slipped the belt on over his hard cock.  It was so tight, there was no way he'd be able to touch himself.

Very good Bradley.  You'll be wearing this over the weekend.

What? How am I supposed to pee in this thing?

Well, you inferior male brain has caused you to put it on incorrectly.

Huh, what?

Do I have to spell it out for you?  Bend your pathetic hard on down between your legs and tuck it there.

Brad tried to bend it down but it was so stiff it hurt.

Do it NOW bitch!

Brad forced his cock down between his legs.  He put the belt back on over his cock and saw the opening at the bottom where he'd be peeing from.

There you see how it works now?  You'll need to sit down to urinate from now on.  Get used to it.

Veronica tossed a lock over to him.

Put it on.

Brad put the lock on the belt without hesitation.  Veronica was pleased with his obedience.

All right, now that we've established who is boss, you may go home for the weekend.

To Be Continued...

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