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Yes Mistress Pt 6

Melissa's body quivered for a long time from the deepness of her orgasm.  Brad savored her taste as he continued to diddle his "clit".

After coming down from her high, Melissa gathered herself and tried primping herself, pulling her skirt back down and trying to close her blouse.  Her body still felt jittery and liquid inside from the intense orgasm she'd experienced.

Veronica returned to her desk and sat down.

Brian, I want you to help Melissa dress.  Help her put her panties on.

Yes mother.

Brad knelt in front of her and held Melissa's panties open as she stepped into them, one high heel foot at a time.  The panties glided up her silky smooth nylon covered legs.  She tensed as the cold wet crotch of her panties touched the sensitive flesh of her cunt.

Smooth those panties out Brian, they're wrinkled.

Brad put his fingers under the elastic and stretched it smooth around the leg openings and waist, then pulled them taut.  The feeling of being so close to her turned him on immensely.  Her skin was so warm and smooth and she smelled so good.  He wanted her badly.

Brad helped Melissa into her bra.  He stood behind her and slipped the straps over her shoulders and fastened the hooks in the back.  It was a strangely erotic expreience for Brad; who would have thought dressing a woman could be so sensual?

Next he reached up and buttoned her blouse.  Two of the buttons had torn free when Veronica ripped it open.  His hands brushed Melissa's lacy bra and he felt the soft flesh of her breast underneath.  His poor cock was still rock hard and it tapped against Melissa's stomach leaving a dab of warm precum.

You stupid idiot!  Can't you do anything right?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

Clean that up immediately!

Brad got on his knees and licked up his own precum from Melissa.  He was actually relishing the moment, tasting her tender flesh, feeling her warmth and smelling her perfume and body scents.

Good boy, clean up the mess you made like a good little sissy!

Veronica was enjoying the show and had unbuttoned her own blouse and removed her skirt.  She motioned for Brad to crawl over as she spread her legs.


Brad did as he was told, putting his face in Veronica's panty covered crotch.

That's a good sissy!  Now remove Mommy's panties.

Brad reached up and gently tugged at the waistband of her panties as she lifted herself enough off the seat to allow them to slide down.

The sight of her bald wet pussy was awe inspiring.  Brad wanted so badly to pleasure her with his mouth, but as he was trained, he waited for her command.

Do you want that pussy Brian?  Of course you do.  I bet you want to lick it so badly, don't you?

Yes Mother, I want to lick your pussy.

Why don't you beg Mommy?

Please.  Please Mommy, I want to lick your pussy so bad.  May I please lick it?  I promise I'll do it good.  Please!

I suppose you've been a good little subservient sissy.  You may lick my cunt.

Oh thank you, thank you so much Mommy!

Brad lowered his mouth over Veronica's cunt and began giving her head the way he had learned to do to his wife Erika.

You do that very well Brian.  You must have had to eat a lot of cunt over the years!

Veronica and Melissa both laughed hysterically at the comment!

Diddle your clit while you eat that pussy!

Brad reached down and rubbed his cock again like it was a clit.  He felt so frustrated that he couldn't stroke it.

Melissa came up from behind and grabbed a handful of Brad's hair and tugged his head back, then shoved his face deeper into Veronica's cunt.

Eat that cunt bitch!  Do it good you fucking wimp sissy!

She pulled her panties to the side and fingered her cunt as she watched poor Brad humiliating himself on the floor.  Then she took her well lubed finger and shoved it up Brad's ass.

He tensed from the sudden intrusion and a gob of precum shot out landing on Veronica's foot.

You stupid slut!  Look what a mess you've made!  Clean it up!

Brad lowered his head and licked the precum from Veronica's foot.

That's it sissy, lick that foot.  Worship it.

Veronica motioned for Melissa to come over and she had her kneel between her legs and eat her cunt.  Melissa had never tasted a woman before, but she was too turned on to stop herself.  Veronica's cunt tasted so good in her mouth as she continued to finger fuck her own cunt.

Brad continued to suck Veronica's toes and lick her feet until Veronica came on Melissa's face.

Brian dear, why don't you clean up Melissa's face for her.

Brad, licked Veronica's cum from Melissa's pretty face.

That's it, do a good job now sissy!

Now help Mommy with her panties.

Brad helped Veronica put her panties back on and buttoned her blouse.

His poor cock was still rock hard and unsatisfied.

Now put on your belt sissy.

The girls laughed as Brad obediently bent his cock down and put the belt back on.

Now go home.

Brad shut the door behind him as the girls laughed at him.

More to Cum...

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